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  • heya jd dont know if ya saw but ill mention it again. *shakes hand* welcome to clan and if you have any testing needs im usually on so just vm me. the clan gets chaotic so i might miss it there.
    yeah but i just keep trying. By the way i wont be much battling for a while because school starts again tomorrow :(
    well i only have wifi on my wii and i keep getting disconnected but i had the same problem a few months ago and it will turn normal after a while
    Maybe later when I head to the OSL chat. I just woke up lol and I have to eat breakfast,shower then finish my load of laundry. ;-;
    GG. That was pretty close, but I did notice a couple of things. First, your team was horifically weak to Stealth Rock (I think that is what ended up putting too much of that battle in my favor). Also, I noticed you might have been trying to over-predict what I was doing a little too much. After you noticing that my Jirachi's Hidden Power attack was SE on your Mamo (That should have told you if was Fire, Water, Steel, or Grass), you shouldn't have brought out something that was weak to those four types, or could at least take a SpAtk alot better than what your poke you brought out was able to do.

    I'll send you your rank bar in PM's so you can copy and pastew it if you want it.
    sorry, I can't test you, I'm too low ranked (only prides and above can test, with the exeption of Aoki) and I'm training a pokemon atm.
    Sorry I keep missing you. You don't have to battle me for your test though...You can battle anyone in Pride rank to do your test battle. TheUmbrenMaster is the main tester for the clan though.
    Yes, you can join. Re-send me your info in PM's and I'll add you to the members list...Let me battle your main team though for purposes of raznking you.
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