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  • Do you have social media or something that would be easier for us to talk with?
    Hey what’s going on! Sorry for the late response..I do have a Twitter I’m more active on there and can PM it to you.
    Hey. Been a while! How's everything? Was wondering if I could visit your island on AC one day! I think I visited your sister's island last month. Naomi?
    That's true. It will be interesting to see what the writers do for the SM series in general actually.
    I was hoping he was going to win too, especially since it looks like there won't be gyms in Alola.
    Yeah, I guess we will have to wait and see for that.

    It looks like we will get more information at E3 too.
    Yeah, Ash-Greninja VS Mega Abomasnow was definitely the main fight.

    Excited for the league! Hopeful that Ash has 6 on 6 matches with Alain & Sawyer.
    Would be cool to see him face both.

    Ash VS Wulfric was pretty nice! Disappointed that they opted for the instrumental version of the XYZ theme as opposed to the vocal one (also was excited because I thought they'd use the version from last week's episode). It was still epic though!
    Yes, me too. Would be nice to see Ash face one of them and maybe Sawyer. Would be redundant for Alain to face them because he beat them in Act I.
    Yeah, it's crazy! And Sawyer will battle Tierno. I hope Ash has full battles with Sawyer & Alain and beats them both.
    Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough. Only a matter of time before we start to get info on the league!
    I'll just settle for full battles with Alain & Sawyer, though a full battle with Tierno would be nice! I wonder if Tierno will Mega Evolve his Blastoise. An Alola region trainer appearing would be interesting.
    That would be nice! Maybe there's a chance that the rematch will be 5 on 5. Hopefully the Kalos League has full battles!
    Yeah, hopefully Wulfric has 3 Pokémon. It seems that both the initial battle and the rematch will be animated by Iwane, which is great!
    Considering how they've been slow to start with the news (CoroCoro has shown us basically nothing, even though they said they'd provide a huge scoop in May (according to Serebii). Could be related to a video they will apparently post on Saturday. I personally don't care that they are being quiet about news. We have basically the bare essentials now and that's all I really need.

    By the way, the XYZ anime is really great! I'm looking forward to Ash's fights with Wulfric. Hopefully Wulfric has a third Pokémon.
    good. Oh I thought you were the guy who I used to talk to. He and I both live in New Jersey.

    I am good and you?
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