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  • About your latest reply from "A saga don't focused on the games's quest" thread, well my fan projects from my sig are bullet hell games like "Touhou" with Pokemon characters, and I thought the genre would fit well with the showcase/contest/battle stuffs. As for the ranking system, I play an arcade dancing game named "Pump It Up", and not only you have to pass the song, but your overall skill is evaluted in real time.
    About your recent post about the Serena special episode thread, I used to promote my fangame about Serena last year to the fans to try it out, and some fans were hesitating because how she was portrayed in the anime, as they really hate her doing girly things and the constant ship teases the writers made her with Ash, which is something you don't see about the SM girls.
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    I know, but is still hypocritical. I think that Serena is a great character, even if the writers didn't make much about her.
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