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  • I figured out how to access profiles on this new(?) site. ****ing A. SO I just came to say that I live! Sorta! B) Need to check out what's changed later though...
    Ha, so you caught on to the little reference with his last name? I was wondering if someone was aware. XD

    I'd put when he got cursed and taken in by the Church more around the 10 years old range, it depends on how long it could've taken him to learn Healing based Grand Arts, really. Speaking of which, who knows, maybe she goes to Lucas to have whatever wounds she sustains while hunting healed. He'd be happy to do it, especially since she seems to treat him way better than the rest of the townsfolk.
    Hey, just checking in on the Kingsworn SU. I am planning on starting in a few days, just. head's up ^^
    I was joking for the most part.

    Thing is Lucas, despite swearing fealty to the church and being in Seena's care, is looked down on as a monster by nearly everyone, and he'll most likely be wary of hunters since they're the ones most likely to take the whole 'cursed monster child' thing too far and kill him anyway, but if Lia happens to have proven herself different and showed him some form of kindness in the past then that won't be an issue with her.

    Also, for the record, Lucas isn't carnivorous, he's pretty open minded about what he's given to eat, vegetarian or otherwise, and perhaps fortunately so, cause I think in a setting like this one can't afford to be a picky eater.
    I'm saying this right now: Lucas Renard is not the monster the townsfolk think he is so don't even think of hunting him.
    I think that would be alright? That’s actually a good idea, I think it would make things easier for me to make some sort of plot point revolving around the fact that your character has gone out beyond the town before several times. So, yeah sure!
    I do have a Gold character. Stella. :p Granted, gold is technically her secondary color but still. xD

    Hydrangea thought I was going to pick Virgo, and I actually did consider it at first.
    Kind of. But if I'm going to be paired with another character, I want it to be a man, so this guy will be gay and a bit more fabulous than Adam is.
    An illusionist that can put people to sleep? Ya, she would be perfect for keeping an eye out for students breaking curfew! XD

    Wouldn't Jessie know about Kasumi's curses by now? She doesn't need to know Japanese to know what Kasumi's talismans look like and what they can do.

    She can't transform things per se, the most she can do is make it look and feel like something else. So she could make it look like the cigarette turned into flowers, but it would just be an illusion. Though really who could tell until after the fact aside from someone that can also create and see through illusions.
    Her curses don't work like that, they have to be drawn on her targets or drawn on paper that then has to be stuck onto said targets. Like say Jessie tried to hit Kasumi only for it to be an illusion giving the real Kasumi an opening to get behind her and stick it on her back.

    Also something fun would be anytime Kasumi catches Jessie smoking she can make whatever's left of the cigarette burn away instantly, cutting her smoke break short.
    I was thinking it would have more to do with the cigarettes, Kasumi has a heightened sense of smell so she's really sensitive to things like smoke. I'd imagine she and Jessie will have butted heads over it in the past with Kasumi going so far as to use her life drain curse, which she never uses, on Jessie to show her what her vitality draining powers feel like. Not that it would actually kill Jessie.

    As for the rumors, Kasumi wouldn't actually care about those, if anything she'll probably say something like "Who would wanna sleep with someone who smells like booze and cigarettes anyways," but I think she would take issue with Jessie's mannerisms in the classroom, though the cigarettes would be at the forefront always.
    I didn't think to bring it up sooner, but I dont think Kasumi and Jessie would get along either. XD
    All good! Always a pleasure to roleplay with you!

    Your powers made me go like yikes at first because I thought they were going to be quite OP but it's honestly okay! Especially considering you're a fully fledged goddess.
    I honestly don't see a problem, I'm gonna just accept you via VM here so I don't post in the thread haha.
    They could theoretically be one domain. However I think for RPG purposes they would be separate. (If you wanted them attached I'd do a demi-god)
    I just feel I only made one interesting character throughout my RPing career (probably Martin. .-.).
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