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*Jean Grey*
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  • They look the same to me.

    I looked at the forums. Apparently avatars appearing saturated/darker than they're supposed to is an issue multiple people have been having for months. :/ It seems to be an issue if you use Chrome. The Mac at school (that doesn't block everything) has Chrome, and is actually missing Safari. It affects some other browsers too, but most of the people that said something about it used Chrome.

    The problem is, no one is a Unicorn. In an RP where there are a bunch of characters with 'magic' you would think somebody would be a Unicorn. :p
    Haha, well I'm glad I did. They're honestly one of my favourite flowers tbh. There's something oddly pretty about the simplicity of them. Haha, I could imagine him teasing her about it after, like during the big hunt, and making her all flustered. He would appreciate Rose reassuring him about nothing untoward happening towards his sister. Whilst he would sympathy for Rose having to endure such a thing, there would be a deep fear that Kenna went through a similar situation, until Rose reassures him. I think if such event had occurred it probably would've triggered a glimpse of that more wild side of Henriq. Actually one of my original plots for the group dealing with the bandits, included Kenna getting captured, and Henriq becoming increasingly agitated at being unable to do something. In the draft I had, she was supposed to be held with some of the other prisoners, and the bandits use her to taunt Henriq at one point.

    Oh yeah, having been around Rose for some time at that point, she's aware that Rose would find it difficult to succumb to her feelings. I'm not sure if she would catch on to Rose's doubts about not being good enough for him for a while though. And I agree, I think Kenna would be quick to soothe her doubts, and remind her of the similarities between them. If Rose did bring up the princess, I think Kenna would be quick to point out "But he doesn't want a princess, he wants you."
    I don't know if this is an issue with the computer I'm using or what...


    IPhone Kyle, Mac Kyle... The second one's hair color is less yellow, and I actually like that better...

    Spot the difference. :P



    Edit: I looked at the forums. Apparently avatars appearing saturated/darker than they're supposed to is an issue multiple people have been having for months. :/ It seems to be an issue if you use Chrome. The Mac at school (that doesn't block everything) has Chrome, and is actually missing Safari. It affects some other browsers too, but mist of the people that said something about it used Chrome.

    Tikaani seems like the only one in the group who would streak his hair. :P

    BTW, what Pony type for Zayah?
    I have recolor open on a mac at school and my iPhone. I also have the avatar saved as an outfit. Slider is the same, (+ 2 brightness on the skin) and it's lighter on the iPhone. :/

    Oh absolutely! I mean some brighter colours look alright, but velvet is definately more suited for darker shades. It would have to be dark green for me! That's true XD I can't say I ever recall any formal earrings before I was sixteen, so its gotta be true. I either like to keep it simple or go for some eccentric designs. I'm not a big fan of large hoop earrings, nor feather earrings. I think my most odd pair would ones that look like zips! Wow, I honestly never thought it was real! I can only imagine what the first guy to find one of them must've thought XD

    Haha, trust me, I already know they would taste awesome XD One of my favourite ciders is a blackberry cider, and a drink I tend to have at one of my favourite bars uses blackberry juice too! I think the gang probably would've gotten it for free anyways. Being guests to the town, and being vouched for by Henriq, probably means they could get a couple of freebies at least XD Haha, I could honestly picture Kenna having a chuckle at that, and probably Henriq too. Although he'd warn them to go easy on the jokes about Ria afterwards. She might be difficult most of the time, but she's still his sister!

    And naturally, with Yggdrasil as such a prominent part of Nordic culture, it's only right it would have a prominent place in the sky! I think he'd then proceed to take her to the best spot, telling her of the importance stars have with Havnaar culture and pointing out all the major constellations.

    Yeah, the whole meat and fur issue was the reason I didn't use Tim like I said on Discord.

    For some reason, when I make his avatar on a computer, his coloration ends up being darker then when I make the avatar on a Wii U or iPhone. Giving me issues on what his skin tone actually is. :/


    I just added more techniques. If I want him to Bloodbend, he'll learn it during the RP. He already knows how to Plantbend and it's pretty much the same principle. xD

    I don't know... He could even be an Earth Pony for all I know...
    Oh I agree. I always like it best when you fully evolve a pokemon and start accessing their more powerful moves, because you start to get to a point where battles are really easy XD Whenever I do breeding, I always selectively pick out ones to keep based on which moves they got from their father. That's why a Treecko I had in X , had Dragon Breath early on and was pretty much unstoppable (except against fairies). Haha yeah, it was a bit odd that none of them stuck out as being faster than the others, because that does tend to happen. Haha that's true. I still can't get over how odd Mega Slowbro is. Like, they could've done so much better with that design!

    He definately does! Tbh whenever I've mentioned him, I've always though of him as this tall hairy man, that at first glance people would think is a bit gruff (his scars probably wouldn't help on that front!). But in reality, he's just a big softie! So for me, I've always found him to be a bit of a gentle giant at heart. Oh god, I never thought of that before, but that would certainly add some more tension between her and her siblings. I can't recall him doing so either! So I agree that it would definately be interesting to portray such a scene.
    Lol, Bloodbending a fish. xD I'll possibly incorporate these things once Cobalt finishes his sign up. He does have a history of starting WIPs and not finishing...

    I wonder if the ponymaker works on an iPhone.
    Bloodbending is illegal in Avatarverse, so I don't know how he would have learned it. I'm not sure if there are 'Bloodbending abilities' Bloodbending is Bloodbending.

    Unless she chose the name for herself, the names aren't always going to be fitting. :p
    You think I should add more Waterbending techniques to Tikaani? Ulva is older than him, so it makes sense that he has more experience, but they have so many of the same techniques, I don't want Tikaani to be relagated to Ulva's apprentice. :X

    Both of their names mean Wolf in Inuit too.
    And it is certainly a fitting choice! Aww I'm glad that you liked that I used it for Kenna's board too! Haha, I think Heriq would be a bit impressed by that, and would probably mention how he would have to do heavy lifting for Kenna when they were younger. I kinda like the idea of him always trying to help her when they were children, and having it follow on to adulthood, much to Kenna's annoyance. It's a nice symbol for them both, and I just love how it it can represent different things for them, but also has a similar meaning to both of them too.

    That would be an interesting situation to have something like that happen. I think she would probably scoff at Rose's quick dismissal at feelings towards Henriq, before reassuring her not to be afraid of her feelings. Kenna would look her straight in the eye and tell her "Don't be afraid to chase after my brother, Rose. You shouldn't dismiss your feelings for him simply because you believe he isn't good enough for you. My brother is a good man, but he has made mistakes and bad choices in the past. He has a good heart, and is willing to what is right, which he showed by fighting in this war. And I know he shares your feelings...he wouldn't have given you that pin otherwise."
    Me too! Or maybe like a dark blue velvet. Those are definately the first two colours I think of when I think of velvet. Yeah, I had a few simple studs but I never had any "formal" earrings till I was 16 too, and my nan ended up buying me a pair XD That's fair enough...you can't be associating characters you don't like with your favourite colour! Omg I've seen a picture like that before but I never believed it was real! I always just assumed it was photoshopped or something. Kinda pretty though, I have to admit.

    I think it would! I could picture it being a favourite amongst the older women in the village. Hmm, maybe blackberries or currants. I kinda imagine it having a sort of mulled wine/spiced taste to it. No I don't think you'd need to pay for it. Since it's pretty much only brewed for funerals, nobody really expects to get paid for selling it. It would seem pretty cool actually! And totally fitting if the deceased was a notable warrior.

    Yggrdrasil would be a nice alternative, and would fit well with the norse motive of Havnaar. Aww, that would be nice. Cause I kinda imagine the forge and the Keyes' house are connected in some way, so maybe Rose walks through into the forge and she catches a glimpse of the sky outside, and then heads out to see it for herself and is amazed at how clear it is.
    Oh I agree. I don't participate in many tournaments, but when I do, I tend to lean towards more offensive characters. Haha, it's always deceptive until you see the official stats, because sometimes looks can be deceptive, you know? XD It really did! There have been some dodgy typings in recent gens (namely 5 and 6) but gen 7 has some interesting type pairings. Haha fair enough! I think I only had Litten and Rowlet. I just wasn't feeling Popplio that much. It is pretty bizarre since Shellder doesn't even seem that big! Unless we're meant to believe its a Cloyster!

    Haha, yes! Could you imagine how awkward thy'd look if Henriq was shorter. I doubt it would be too bad if he was like an inch shorter, but if he was closer to Kenna's height it would be pretty comical. Nope! I've always thought she was the shortest of the three. There's just something funny to me about her being the oldest and the shortest. XD And that would be so interesting to see! I mean I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of Hux myself, but I think that would be a really interesting scene to be portrayed by him.
    Are you sure?? We may've! Anywho, we're on each other friend list, did we know each other from a past exp?
    Oh, no wonder I didn't see it. I joined at late 2013.

    Thanks for the compliment. Oh, really? I didn't really notice. Well, then again, that's one of the reasons why I play them, because not many play those kinds of males. I could either make Amadeus be confused on why he's called that or not be too fond of it because of the reason. And yes, I know. I watch Masterchef (latest season of US Junior version as of late) and I used to see the commercials. But yes, I thought of that because I like puns. I get that from my dad. Oh. That explains that. Now I'm imagining her trying to do that while Amadeus is cooking...only for him to sternly tell her to wait because it will taste better that way and he doesn't want the others to get sick because she couldn't wait. Shenanigans are always fun, especially misunderstands like that (not any like in Evangelion though...that's another story entirely).

    That's a thought. Though I seriously don't get what's girly about a pegasus. Unicorn, yes, but not a pegasus.
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