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*Jean Grey*
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  • Odette wears white, so go with Cinderella. :p

    I'm in the process of typing up the SU. I'll keep the names Odette, Von Rothbart, and Odile, because I'm not good with names. xD Odette's mother died in childbirth, and father is old and sickly. Baron Von Rothbart is wealthy and known for having a taste for beautiful young women. Of course Odette refuses his advances. Still working out how she gets kidnapped.

    Wait, there was an era of bad RPers? I'm glad I never saw that then. And that I've improved since my first try.

    Oh, okay.

    In case you didn't notice, my male characters tend to be more reserved and calm and supportive. And, more often than not, AmazonChasers. That's probably why I like Shirou from Fate/stay night and Shinji (as messed up as he is) paired with Asuka in Neon Genesis Evangelion. That's mostly the reason why. DarkIsNotEvil is one of my favorite tropes, so yeah. I'd like that. Maybe his title will be "Hell's Chef" then? In part a word play on his whole theme and in part a pun as I remember there's a cooking show called "Hell's Kitchen". Wait, why would Sylvia undercook meat? I feel like she's the type to overcook it. Not death, just dark stuff because, like I said, I like DarkIsNotEvil trope. I can't wait to get in. Hopefully soon. That would be funny. Amadeus attacking the thieves and helping to defeat them. Then just when it's all over, everyone sees him and, since they were just attacked, go after him only for Maria to stop them because either she noticed earlier or notices that he's not retaliating and avoiding their attacks.

    Oh. Weird. Maybe because it's cooler sounding and not as "obvious"?
    Well, if you're going to have a villain, have the matching hero. :P Although, nothing about that avatar really suggests Dark Fairy.

    Potentially a lot of Co-GMs...

    Some parts of the history section might be hard to adapt to a non Fairy-tale setting, and still be plausible. xD

    http://www.shomler.com/dance/swanlake/slsynopsis.html (It mostly plays out like that up until the ending.)

    Creepy man kidnaps her and some other girls, and holds them hostage. (Said creepy man might have a daughter her age.) What would be the equivalent of turning into a swan during the day, and being human at night that would prevent her and the other girls from leaving this situation?
    She meets a guy somewhere, they fall in love. She explains her situation, and why she can't leave...?
    Creepy man learns of the guy, and gets his daughter to seduce him. (And somehow the guy has no idea he's with the wrong girl.)
    Guy realizes his mistake, and somehow finds the creepy man. Fight ensues.
    Creepy man kills her lover. All the girls get pissed and gang up on him, and kill him. (In Fairy Tale version, this would essentially be a flock of swans attacking one creepy man.)

    Unlike that summary, the curse can be broken with Rothbart's death, and he essentially lied to her.
    Why thank you. i'm sorely tempted to ask which ones in particular

    He's also surprisingly blunt even though he's incredibly selfless. That's a nice thought. We'll see though. Oh really? Actually...how many male Pegasus Knights have there been in Fire Emblem? I've only played The Blazing Sword and beat The Sacred Stones. I'm assuming you played a lot of the recent ones.

    If it's Anima, I'm sure they'd be more surprised since she's real friendly and genuinely selfless with no creepy traits. Remember Homer from that Digimon RP by...Pyroli, I think? I envision something like that in personality. Just a little more laid back. And is a good chef. Wait, what? -googles it- ...The coincidence on how fitting it is so shocking, I don't really have much to say...except that Anima is definitely going to be a Sorcerer. Uh, Sorceress. And now the Juarez siblings will be related to something usually associated as "bad". (starting with Anima's oldest brother, Amadeus, being associated with oni--cause Evangelion--but I'll just make him a Sorcerer for Ascension)

    Oh, okay. Wait, Sky Knight? Never mind.
    So, who's Sleeping Beauty then? Maria or Siri?

    Yeah, but then I'd have to RP the Evil Queen and curse all these ppl, and probably some other NPC's including a savior, make an actual plot, and in doing all of this, I'd probably get distracted and lose interest. xD If someone else GMs, I only have to worry about my own character. (I had an idea to be Odette the Swan Queen. A version where the Prince dies, but she survives and winds up killing Rothbart herself.)
    Sleeping Beauty's Dark Fairy? :p

    Hopefully, a more competent GM likes the Fairy Tale idea and makes one. >.<
    That doesn't really help much... :p

    Limit it how? To traditional Fairy Tales? (Meaning no one is playing Frankenstein.)

    It also gets convoluted because everybody is related to everybody. Not to mention how are we going to handle flashbacks? xD This is why I don't GM often.
    It better be fake fur... :p

    Luka is the Beast, and I don't know Sylvia.

    Alternate Universe Once Upon a Time, pretty much.
    Tim's not mean enough to be The Snow Queen though...

    I really want to make a Fairy Tale RPG since Minteh is working on another RPG with Dragalge, but I realized it would be very convoluted. :/
    I think the posts I did in the sign up thread should be enough of an indicator. :p Really? Thank you.

    I made three and have another one in the works. But anyways, let's see... I did a somewhat AxCrazy BloodKnight who's a FriendToAllChildren that's a Swordmaster, another adaptation of Solaris, this one also a Swordmaster, and a male Pegasus Knight who's equal parts kind, brutal and cunning with a pegasus who'd give Erebus a run for his stubborness. And Sylvia. Actually, I feel like she'd like the pegasus. Or make fun of the guy for riding a pegasus only to realize he's still a warrior either way. The fourth one's Anima (remember her from Mythos?) adapted.

    Would a Sorcerer count? I was thinking of making Anima a Dark Mage but...I wanted a promoted class just because. Hmm, a guy worthy of Maria? Now you're tempting me to adapt Solaris's brother. ...hmm, or maybe I could do Anima's eldest brother... Yeah, I might just do that. and maybe make him a dark mage for the sake of it

    I saw. Gotta say, I know Sylvia is dark and that she used to do it, but I still can't imagine her as a thief. Too straightforward for that kind of thing.
    Yes that's right! Sorry xD I photo edited out the triangle. I think that's the only thing I messed with though!!
    Oh you made a good choice! And it fits so well! Oh, I could imagine it! To be honest, I could kinda see the rest of the gang being stunned at the gesture too. Not because Henriq was giving her the brooch, but the fact that Rose accepts it, and then doesn't take it off. That's a nice comparison and I totally agree with it! They're both rockfoil: both who have endured hardships, and yet both of them endured.

    Haha yeah, and then she's both giving them sly glances behind their backs in the last few hours before the gang leaves. Oh my god, that would be such a great moment to accidentally blurt that out! I could imagine Rose being so confused as to why she bought him up, and silently wishing she could stop blushing. I could actually imagine Kenna revealing it to her after the mission was done. Like they're having a quiet moment together and Rose asks her again what it means, and then Kenna just tells her "In Havnaar, people give it to those they care for as a sign they want an enduring relationship with them." and then she just waits and lets that sink in for Rose.
    Neither do I! As I said before, it's such a pretty colour, and with the right shade and material type, it can make an absolutely stunning dress. I prefer green velvet, it's such a good colour on that. Especially darker greens! Lucky! I've been dying to get a pair of real emerald earrings, but I don't have the money :( I just have to settle for my fake emerald necklace XD Ohh wow, I have to remember that in the future, should you ever assign emerald to a character! Haha she's definately more of a Starfish girl! Though I think in modern verses she's partial to treating herself to a fresh lobster!

    Yes! I could totally imagine Havnaar formal wear looking like that. I can especially see Catelyn's outfits being a favourite amongst the ladies. Yeah, the only time when it becomes a big affair is just before the body is burnt, where most of the town comes to pay their respects to the deceased and the family. Yeah, they do have a special mead they make for funeral rites. It can take a while to brew it so they make a lot in advance! I'm not sure if there would be battles, but it would be cool to see, and would easily fit in with the culture and lifestyle of Havnaar.

    I'd say it's probably a mix of Norse things and trees! However, for the latter it would only really be Fir, Pine, and Oak. I think the Norse names would probably have something to do with weapons mostly so: mækir (sword), skjǫldr (shield) etc. In hindsight maybe the symbols wouldn't really be the same as the traditional zodiac, but the dates are definately the same! Yeah, the weather might be terrible during the day, but the night sky in Havnaar is truly something!
    Haha, I tend to just go for whichever I think looks best when I play. Usually, I do tend to have one in mind before I start, but I was really conflicted with the most recent games. Which is something I haven't felt since gen 4! I didn't find Mega Slowbro to be that bad, I mean I'm not denying it was ugly, but I kinda liked it in a bizarre way XD Mega Audino though...yeah, that certainly wasn't one of their best designs that's for sure! Absolutely! If only they had made it look more proportionate! Oh god, I can see why you thought that. It did seem to be leaning that way when it evolved. Thankfully, Chesnaught seemed to lose much of that roundness XD

    Oh yeah that's a good point! XD I've never really thought about Henriq's height much before, but he'd definately be over 6 foot! In my headcanons for the family, Ria is always the shortest at 5'4''. I think it would be interesting to Hux have that sort of reaction, though I could only really see it happening under a very tense situation or in the last film. Oh I agree with your choices! Henriq would make an interesting Cassian, but it definately works, especially when you consider our Steampunk AU! we discussed. I mean Kenna can throw out the odd sarcastic quip, but she's definately more of a Jyn than K-2SO.
    Got it from the E-shop this morning. Skipped school because of it. I think I have an exam coming up too but i cant really remember.
    Skipping school today was a bad idea. But... Echoes!
    Hey sorry for not replying to this. School stuff. .-.

    Nice alt class design changes overall! And yeah Martin is specialized in green. :p Yay for twins who are also representing Christmas! :D No need to change anything!

    Now you have to do Luka's alt classes! :p
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