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*Jean Grey*
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  • Totally does. And you know it. lolol

    May be me not being intelligent or observant enough to notice differences tbh. most the characters give me the sensation of wanting out of their old life and into something new. I am very bad at naming, as you have probbly already noticed lol. Yeah. you could easily re-use your characters in other more "recent" RP's. I just make my SU's up as i go on lol. I o recycle a lot of personality eetc tc etc, if you have not already noticed. Omg i just died at their symbiosis. Thy work so goo together. And when Victor kissed yuri i was omfg. Omfg Janie-Lou i ****ing died of fangirling. So much happensxin such a short period of time in that series.

    Assuming the othr on is a mercenary? Looking good! You are, annoyingy enough, better at clothing my own character than I am. I like the hairdo, okay? lol. lol Tim is like "How could you!!" While he is like " lol tf bruh". I like the cowardness of them though. his Mercenary suit makes sense, althogh he wuold likely use other colors. kinda feel he is too blue, y'know?

    Too much skin after my taste tbh. Though I am gay so, so don't take my taste in women as a set truth lol.
    Yo long time Jean xd. I'm a college kid now.

    Since Nim is a pre-promote he'll obviously have Falcon Knight as a secondary. For alternate class sets I can see the Outlaw line working out quite well, with Adventurer probably being the final class. For the other one, as a referance to his childhood aspirations, I'd have to say a Fighter!Hero. Color-wise I don't particularly care all that much. Probably his Takumi-esque hair and the teals will due.
    Never the gentle sweet one, always the dark temptress!
    Would it kill you to do a gentle and sweet one once, though? :p I have an archetype too, but I have characters like Adam, Kyle, and Veronica who deviate from it.
    lol I sense some interesting potential Support conversations.

    he is not angry, no. But he can get scary when in panic mode. Like you saw in my post with that Thief. Y'know. Frenzied rampage fueled by fear of death.

    We'll see how it turns out. Tangy and I will plan some conversations them between tomorrow i think.

    Yeah, you don't say. lol. May be me just being not very attentive, but most of the SU's seem similar, despite being different people lol. Your naming-game is on point though. omg Yuri on Ice. I watched it and i was meh to it at first. But then it grew on me and now I'm a fanboy...

    Nah, I am thinking the conservative Awakening mages, with the pointy hats. Even a dark mage would be more clothed than Nichol. her Thief class should have a vest of some sort imo. Looks too similar. Fighter class looked badarse though.

    yeah, I had a lot of other designs fro Nichol too before i settled with what i did. Mostly very Tim-ish kind of clothing.
    and he would be like "Eeeep"

    No, Nichol is not angry in any kind. He is benevolent. Owain is the best I can give you lol.
    To bad for Sylvia, since Nichol and Luca are canon to this RP :p
    Omg i want to see Sylvia that drunk. Tbh, she is very similar to literally everybody else you use for RP's, so it is hard for me to tell a difference, but that one's certainly a new one for me

    I have thought of that tbh. I came up with Mage and Mercenary.
    Eh, Nichol would be offended nontheless. Last of his kind and all.

    he doesn't eat meat. he eats people. lol. Never considered Nichol to be a drinker. Being a dragon, I'd wager his alcohol tolerance is amazing. Better than Sylvia's. He would likely go full Owain when drunk though. Although he would remain timid.
    Omg u killed a Manakete.
    Looking forward to see how Sylvia reacts to Nichol up in all this lol. You have any plans?
    I went to the movies today, and saw two movies for the price of one.

    Paid to see Beauty and the Beast, saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for free. xD

    Now, if only the Belle dolls for the BATB movie weren't... weird looking. :/
    Yeah, and I think the whole Rockfoil thing would have been really integral to their developing relationship too. Because I could initially see Rose being a bit off with the flowers, but then when Henriq explains why he gave them to her, and the significance of the gesture she begins to appreciate it. I always saw it as he was comparing her to her in a way. Indicating that she is someone who has endured so much, and yet despite all that, she is still so strong and beautiful. And then the significance it has to the relationship itself, that people give it to their significant others as a way of symbolising a lasting relationship, one that will endure. Though I've always felt like Henriq would never tell her that aspect, because to be fair, it would seem a bit forward, even though they did get on well. But Kenna would understand. And I'v always felt it would be something she let slip accidentally. Rose would be enquiring more about it, and she'd reveal what it usually symbolises in her home.
    I know right? And as you said, it's one of those few colours that translates very well with luxurious fabrics, no matter the shade. Like a lot of Demelza's dresses are in a pale shade of green, and they look stunning! Oh, I love Emeralds too. I have a nice Emerald necklace that I love, but never get to wear very often. Probably one of four real gems I own! That's true. If anything, crabs would be better suited to Ria's board! XD

    Yeah, Havnaar doesn't really have a lot of finer materials, you can only really get it from other towns or out of trades. Only the richer families in Havnaar would wear anything made out of southern materials, but even then it would primarily be for big events in town, or funerals. If we had gotten to that point in the RP I would've described how it goes down. It's less about mourning, but rather celebrating the life that the person had. The family does get a time to grieve in private, usually when the body is burnt (to release their physical tether to the world), and then they will participate in the funeral celebrations too.

    Oh wow I never noticed that either! But that makes a nice comparison, especially since we always seem to make Light-Dark comparisons between them. Hmm, I think it would be similar! I'm not sure if it would share the same names, but the dates and items associated to each sign, would certainly be similar. Ahh, well that would probably be accurate, when you consider the skies are generally much more clearer in northern countries!
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