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*Jean Grey*
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  • That's very true actually! Plus, as you said before, Treecko has a very expressive face compared to the two of them. Torchic has a pretty blank expression, and Mudkip's expression will never not remind me of all those "I liek Mudkipz" meme. They definately could've made it look better that's for sure! For me, Mega Swampert is probably one of my least favourite Mega evolutions. Oh man, that would work really well for a region varient though too, especially since Nintendo seems to be bringing that into the series. Oh I agree, Quilladin is the most awkward. I mean the Chespin line isn't one of my faves, I find all of the stages to look a bit bizarre, but the leap from Chespin to Quilladin is really jarring!

    Me too! They could all pretty much fit under the "Looks like a cinnamon role, but could kill you" trope save for Burk and Ludvic XD I mean who knows, maybe we'll see more of a bad side to Hux as the series goes on? But speaking of Star Wars, I'm guessing you've seen Rogue One by now? If so, how would you assign the gang in that?
    Siri is a virtual assistant on Apple products. :p

    Martin: Jolteon
    Maria: Sylveon
    Tim: Eevee
    Natsume: Vaporeon
    Nichol: Glaceon
    Luka: Flareon (The fluffiest!)
    Sylvia: Umbreon
    Nim: Leafeon
    Siri: Espeon
    Thanks, man XD I was really on the fence of making her either a Mage to have access to Sage in the future, or to give her Diviner so she may have access to Basara. I ended up picking the latter since she'll have access to Onmyoji (which uses tomes and staves) or Basara (if or when we get that far lol) And I don't know about Sylvia, man, I have a feeling she's going to hate Siri with all her book reading lol

    As for alternate class options: I'm thinking Outlaw and Sky Knight
    Ooo that's interesting! I can already make some guesses as to who S-Ranks faster with who now (Vaike/Miriel, Gregor/Nowi for example). :p

    This is hard to think of for me. .__. Well considering how Martin loves to charge into battle without a second thought, that's one thing him and Sylvia have in common along with at least one of their parents dying. :p Natsume and Nim look kind of cute together now that I think of it! Both are quiet-looking fellas and interactions with humans doesn't seem to be their strongest suit from the looks of it. :p

    Ooo Martin is an easy one: Fighter and Spear Fighter! Maria was tougher but I chose Myrmidon and Cleric (for her much caring personality. :p)!
    Woah some characters actually S-Rank faster with other characters in Awakening? o_O

    Speaking of that, I was wondering about potential supports too! Perhaps what the conversations would be like as well! :eek:
    Altaria specifically... But apparently a lot of people are glad to see André so it worked out. xD

    It'll be a while before I get to a computer to make it...

    The Ninja might be Umbreon. :p
    So now I'm struggling.

    Should I

    Replace Swablu with Togepi: The whole reason Max starts with Swablu is because he's from Opelucid City which is known for Dragons. He trades a Gible for aa girly Dragon which his father doesn't approve of. I'm having a hard time changing his history to have him start with something else, and have it make sense. ._.

    Replace Popplio with Togepi even though I'm probably never gonna find Popplio in the wild by virtue of being a starter.

    Scrap Max, and just use André

    I'm strongly leaning towards the third option.
    We still need to see the Sign Ups that haven't even made WIPs yet to know for sure. :p Tim might end up being Sylveon, since few would be even willing to be it.

    The first one.
    I think we should wait for the Sign Ups to be finished first. :p Tim and the two lords are the only ones done so far.
    From what I can tell, Moon Festal is the same as Recover. It just has a wider range but heals slightly less. It's still a single heal. Great Festal is the one that heals everybody. :p

    Dragalge put Tim as having a Mend Staff in the OP, and it really doesn't make that much of a difference anyway. xD

    Blue hair. Neither of the lords have it. :p
    Thanks, describing old-timey clothes is hard. At least for the guys anyway. Women get gowns/dresses.

    Moon Festal doesn't look anything like the staff on recolor...
    How do I even describe this outfit? ._.

    Snaps and murders someone. (If that is acceptable in the RP). nah. he's a timid fellow. he does get hunky when drunk though, wouldn't you think?
    Black and white hair. KEaton-ish, yet not really. no Moon moon lol.
    IF the fairytale RP happens, you'll do the badarse red riding hood while I do a weirdly timid Wolf. lol
    Yeah, it's such a shame really. Even in historical dramas green doesn't seem to be a common occurrence either, and if it does show up it tends to be used in commoner clothes. Ohh nice choices! I'll definately have to add those in...if Pinterest would actually load tonight!

    Wow, that's really pretty, and totally something Ria would wear! You know, in one of those rare occasions where she actually likes Havnaar clothing X

    I'm glad you like his board! I was kinda going with the worn down military vibe when creating it. I like to think in the modern verse he was part of an army too, but probably got honourably discharged, rather than he was injured and suffered from brief amnesia as it would've been in the RP. That's sweet about showing her the sky during her sleepless night. I've always liked that perhaps there was some astrological element to Havnaar's religion, so Henriq showing her the night sky would work well with my ides! Haha, in many ways Henriq and Kenna are much the same, but I think he has more brutish qualities that she ever could. I like to think that he was quite wild as a youth, a bit showy and boastful, and occasionally getting into scraps with the other boys. The deaths of his parents definately acted as the turning point for him, he had to mature very quickly after that, not just for his sake, but for Kenna's too. And obviously, the events of the war shaped his character into what it is today.

    I was kinda going with the sort of "battle couple" vibe with their board. I'm glad you liked it though! Darn, I knew I was missing something! XD I'll have to add those in when pinterest is loading properly!
    Absolutely! I remember struggling to get both its evolutions in gen 6! It does. Torchic and Mudkip almost seemed very cute-sy compared to Treecko. I liked it's mega too, far better than Blaziken or Swampert's actually. If it was a more seasonal form that would kinda make sense actually, since Hoenn seems to be a fairly warm region. Man, I would've loved a big beefy Swamert haha. He looks so odd with those little legs of his XD Yeah, though I suppose they're supposed to be kinda awkward, since they're like the "teenager" stage in a way XD It's definately something she would do! Haha, it could work from that angle, but no stop, I don't need anymore AU's XD

    Yeah, I've always sort of liked the idea that Ludvic, whilst looking he could crush a man with his bare hands (and he probably could tbh), was actually pretty jovial and upbeat, whereas his wife, though looking less intimidating, would not hesitate to intimidate customers if they so much as looked at her the wrong way XD She is a good fit really! Yeah, Rose/Kylo Ren comes across as one of those assignments where not all aspects of the character fits, but a vast majority of their defining traits pair up. Me too! It look so nice, it's a shame that it is such a rare gene!
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