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  • Wow, you did a good job! Haha, it's funny you mentioned using a similar style to me, because I based mine off of someone else's style too! I know how you feel about the clothes, I had a particularly hard job with Kenna. It was so hard to find any decent green clothes for her that weren't too feminine or too masculine. The 100 is good for clothes like that. I've seen some that I've liked, but they don't really fit any of the characters I used haha. Can't I've seen any black medieval clothes...unless it's a sort of armour styled get up.

    Me too! When I was making the board for the Keyes siblings I was determined to stick with the green. brown, and blue colour scheme we have for them. Though, I'll admit it was hard to find what I wanted for Henriq in brown shades, so his is more of a neutral, almost muted moodboard. I like the choices you made for Rose, and that quote is very fitting!

    Also, I totally didn't make a board for Henriq and Rose. ;)
    Oh god, the trade evolution are the worst! GTS in general is just a big mess, always has been, and probably always will be with people trying to get unrealistic trades. Well, it did seem that way, so I can see why you were drawn to it! Plus, Ash's Treecko in the anime had a lot of attitude if I remember correctly XD Yeah, I never really liked the jump between forms myself, and remember being a little put off when my Piplup evolved. Still I got past it quick enough, because Empoleon remains one of the few pokemon to have ever reached Level 100. Oh absolutely! Ria would definately have to be the dominant partner in a relationship; I personally don't think she could handle not being the dominant partner. It seemed like a nice story, and as you said, definately something that screamed Kenna! Oh no, please don't give me anymore AU's!

    He would make a good Ludvic! I've always imagined the rougher genes came from Amara anyways. She was a trader after all, she definately had the weathered look going for her XD Ohh I've never considered Daisy as an alternate for Kenna, but she would work well! Personally, I've always liked Felicity Jones too, though the character of Jyn wouldn't really fit Kenna that well. Certains apsects would, but on the whole, Kenna is more of a Rey than a Jyn. Yeah, it's a shame he hasn't done more roles with his longer hair, it definately suits him!
    I haven't seen any recently, but yeah, they are pretty bad! I recall seeing just a regular Chimchar on there the once, and someone wanted a level 100 Rayquaza in return. It can get pretty ridiculous on there sometimes! Haha, I was the same with Torchic when I saw it! I thought Blaziken was so cool! I can see that...even I can admit that Piplup to Prinplup was an odd jump between designs. Lots of jokes about his design mostly, but there were a few ruder jokes thrown around too ;) Possibly! If it was a boyfriend she was particularly fond of too, then she'd definately be a bit more inclined to believe it. Aww, I think she'd love that story. I'd never heard of it before so I had to look it up, and it's definately something I could see her enjoy!

    I'll be sure to message you if I do! XD

    I'm waiting for that too! I've was re-reading the book in anticipation actually! XD Oh I agree - Clive's rougher face works best for how I've always imagined Henriq. If anything, Alexander kinda gives me "young" Henriq vibes, or even a younger Ludvic (since I imagine he's the one who Kenna inherited her softer genes from). Haha, well I guess in that role he wouldn't be the best suited for Rose XD But he still fits well as a male!Rose even if his appearance in TFA kinda ruins it.
    Haha, fair enough! And I agree, unless you have someone you know you can trade with a lot, it can be really hard to complete your pokedex, and just get certain evolutions in general. Ahh, my choices are pretty much the same actually except for Swampert, Empoleon, and Delphox. It was Sceptile I disliked in Gen 3, Torterra in Gen 4 (though I'll admit I liked all the starters in that gen, so it was a matter of which if the three I liked the least), and in Gen 6 it was Chesnaught. I thought the design was pretty cool, but my friend and I used to take the piss out of how odd it looked all the time, that I can't look at it without thinking of the crappy jokes we used to make about it. Oh god, she actually would do something like that though. And Henriq and Kenna would be so confused as to why she would think that, until one of them sat and down and informed her that didn't actually happen. Which I think she'd then brush off, claiming she knew that was the truth. I could see that too! I've always imagined her reading like the really obscure fairytales and stories too. Haha, I totally forgot we gave Serperior to Ria!

    Ahh, I suppose by now, you've seen I took down the RP? I'm sorry for that by the way. I just wasn't feeling it anymore...the muse just wasn't there for me. But I appreciate all the ideas you've given me for it haha! If I ever bring it back, I'll be sure to include some of them in a revised copy.

    Oh, have you been watching this new season of the Last Kingdom? I'm not sure if it's showing in America yet, but it's really good! Clive Standen will always be my primary Henriq FC, but Alexander Dreymon is definately a close second!
    And my parents are getting on my case about my doll collection again. :/ They've complained about it before, but now they've went through the trouble of counting how many I have to keep track of if I buy any more. :/
    Ahh did you? I was considering getting both but didn't have chance to get Moon as I didn't have the money at the time. Oh, I agree. I think this generation, and maybe gen 4, have been the only ones where I've liked all the starters. Oh man, I could totally see a young Ria believing something like that, and then being really confused (and maybe a little relieved!) when she realises that isn't the case. That's true, and then you also have Black/White Kyurem, which is just even more confusing to me. Like why they couldn't have just made a normal follow-up like Emerald or Crystal, or just not all, I'll never know. Oh god, that drink... XD I'll have to look on pinterest and see if I can find it anywhere.

    I was considering doing two characters, and then having one get killed when the "big bad" appears, but I'm still undecided yet. Yeah, he's a bit of an as/I]s, but he has a few redeeming qualities. She looks nice with the amber eyes. I like what you've gotten down for her so far! I was actually thinking of my secondary character being one of her aunts/cousins through Penelope, so it could be interesting to portray a relationship between them, if I end up going with that.

    Out of all the choices, Persephone fits well, but I will admit I do have a soft spot for "Vesper" now too! It's so unique!
    That, and they're only two years apart. This is the one case that Celeste can bend the rules of formality.

    The first or the third one.
    Consider the fact that whichever parent connects Ally to Ernest is Celeste's half-sibling. That makes Celeste Ally's aunt. :p
    That's true XD I wouldn't expect anything overly difficult for your first year.

    Yeah, I was a bit hesitant about Rowlet's line at first, but once all the forms were revealed I was absolutely in love (even though I ultimately went for Litten as my starter!). I could definately see Ria being fond of the first two stages of Rowlet's line, but as soon as it got to Decidueye, she'd totally lose interest in it. Yeah, that was my reasoning for leaning more towards Lugia. Plus, the relation with the ocean is a minor way of tying it to Ria too! Ohh I've never thought about Zekrom, but you're right, that would also be a good choice for him. I think I tend to overlook the Unova Legendaries for some reason. I like the gen, but it never really stood out to me a great deal. Haha, yes we did, I remember now. But I totally agree with that reasoning. Sure! https://uk.pinterest.com/mintehh/ I'd say his board is a good mix of modern and canon stuff, so hopefully you can get a little inspiration!

    Nice! I was thinking of making a descendant of Penelope too, though I am undecided if I want it to be one of her kids or another grandchild. I know I want to portray his youngest son (with Isobel), I have ideas for him to be an arrogant, dramatic, and snobbish young boy whose underlying loneliness has lead to the development of his negative traits.

    I'd say early in the year, like June or July.
    Yellow eyes are a Whitmore signature, like the Leonharts have purple eyes. I'd put a different hairstyle and outfit at least.

    I wonder if anybody else would be willing to be Celeste's sibling. xD

    I suggest making her look different from Ally. :p
    I was considering that at first. Then I figured the majority of the people here are teenagers, or in their early twenties. Which means everybody is either going to be somebody's grandchild or Isobel's child if they want to stay close to their own age. Being a child of Mary gives her something different, xD I can't picture Stella growing up with Ally as a sibling. xD

    Hair color. Not sure how good blonde looks with yellow eyes. And she's going to end up having pink in her color scheme no matter what. Maybe she'll be strawberry blonde this time.
    Wow really? I wouldn't have expected multiple choice questions to be a common trend in Med school. My aunt (who is a Theatre Nurse) always talked of how complicated it all was XD

    Haha it fits doesn't it! I mean if the successor starts with the partner pokemon as starters, I'm totally fine with that too, because the Rowlet line works so well for her. Plus, there's something entertaining about her having a Rowlet perched on her shoulder most of the time XD Ahh Lugia is such a good choice for her! I think Lugia or maybe Suicune would be my choices for her. As for Henriq, I quite like the idea of Entei for some reason. That's such a good song for them! You'll have to show it me when you're done, because you know I'm trash for them! And Petra being more of a wolf works so well, especially when you consider in most iterations of him, he owns a pair of white Samoyed. It is a nice contrast between them. Both suffered through their fair share of trauma, and both are damaged in their own way, but they both moved on from it in their own way. Speaking of aesthetics, I actually have pinterest boards for all three of the Keyes siblings, and a possible Rosexhenriq board in the works, if you ever need some inspiration XD

    I don't think all of them would have it. It is a strong gene, but not everyone would possess it, and the odds would be even lower if you are making a grandchild! So if you want to stick with the purple eyes, you are very welcome to do so! Haha that would be pretty funny if she found out that way. I feel like depending on which marriage she's descended from would alter Ernest's efforts in trying to find her again. Like if she was from one of his first three wives, he'd definately pull out all the stops to form a campaign to find her again, but if she was from one of his later wives, I don't think he'd be as involved in finding her again.
    That's very true. I think we only ever had to go in detail when discussing a hypothesis. Most of the questions were multiple choices besides a few asking for details about the dates and names of psychologists. I think I probably suffered from the over-reading problem in psychology XD But you are absolutely right, the questions definately do not compare to the hard sciences!

    I know I saw! I was actually thinking of putting my sign-up in this weekend too, since there seemed to be a bit of activity stirring up. I'll definately have to wait for this spritual successor to come out! If I did make a Kenna, I think I'd go for Flying or Water again, though I am more inclined towards the former. Ice is also a possible choice, but I always associate it more with Ria than I ever do with Kenna!

    Nice! I'll be glad to have you on board! And that's totally fine with using that idea, and I think that would be really interesting to see how being unaware of her lineage for such a long time impacted her.
    I don't even know if we'll get a chance to obtain more Pokemon in this RP. Chances are, I'll end up using the same team everywhere once I decide on one.

    But when Cadence becomes Bianca, she also becomes the younger sibling. :p (And I do have her in another RPG, and Schade's character is still her older brother.)

    I haven't decided on that yet. xD Eh, Mimikyu fills that role just fine. :p
    I'm still undecided atm. I can put any "manly" looking Pokemon on there and it would work.

    And why would that matter to me? :p

    Max's team is

    Primarina (Ariel)
    Clefable/Sylveon (Aurora)
    Togekiss (Cinderella)
    Alolan Ninetales (Elsa)
    Altaria (Rapunzel)
    Mimikyu (Minnie/Mickey depending on wether Ariel is a girl or not.)
    He caught a Ralts and an Axew in another RP, and they seemed to fit. xD I don't really need two Water types and two Dark types on the same team. (Kyle would insist on having a balanced team. xD)

    I like Alolan Ninetales specifically because of the Elsa thing. Now Max can have a mon named Elsa on his team. :p (He nicknames his Pokemon after Disney characters. The Princesses specifically.)
    The only ones I've settled on so far are


    Now if I have to stick to Mono-Ice, then it would be

    Alolan Sandslash
    Alolan Ninetales

    I did not pick this team based on looks. I am a Semi-Compettive player after all. :p I stuck with OU/UU Ice types.
    Tyranitar is just silly in Kyle's particular case. He doesn't want a Sandstorm, he wants Hail. :p
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