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*Jean Grey*
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  • Haha, yeah that's true. I got off pretty easy there! Who knows! To this day I still don't know what we actually missed out on, because the after school clubs and extra lessons basically covered stuff we already did, or at least had some knowledge of. Yeah, when I did my psychology course in college I had to wing some of the answers, only because I couldn't remember the dates! There's a lot of psychological studies out there damnit! XD

    Absolutely. Something like that would be out of character, unless of course there was particularly bad weather, potentially triggering a flash flood of sorts. But I personally like the idea of a Toxicroak getting him XD Yeah, she'd try and mother them all, though it could be considered more of "s-mothering" in her case! I think that would be particularly bad if anyone partook in any criminal activities of sorts, because it would remind her of her mother, wish really would push her to try and care from them and try and hide/prevent their vices. Ahh okay, that does make sense. I would still like to make a move playing on the "space" theme possibly, maybe something like teleportation just restricted to a really small radius. I am thinking of going with Hydro Pump and maybe even Thunder Wave because the notion of my character shocking someone is very entertaining to me, given what her basic personality is like haha. I might make a healing Water-based move, as it would fit well, plus I could use it as an excuse to tie Kenna in that way XD
    Haha, it wasn't really a bad thing, he was just laughing at me whenever her caught me. Yup. From what I remember, they didn't think it was necessary to teach us about it, and unfortunately for them we clearly did need it. Yeah, we got to retake it afterwards, thank god. I don't think I could've handled failing my English exams.

    It's a particular favourite of mine too! That's what I was thinking with the father, having it be some sort of Toxicroak attack. But yes, my idea is that she's a pretty guarded person, but she also likes to help others too. I think of it in the way that she failed to help/stop her mother, so by helping others it kind of allows her fufill what she failed to do all those years back. I have this idea though, that why she tries to come across as caring, she's a bit pushy, so it comes off as being overbearing. I was thinking of giving her Hydro Pump actually! XD Along with a move named Spacial Rend after Palkia's signature move. I was thinking her other two moves could be healing/defensive moves, because to me, that would work well with her guarded personality.
    Yeah, I like to wander around the shelves a lot when it isn't too busy, my boss has caught me reading the blurbs off of books a couple of times now haha. Yeah, it was pretty bad. Apparently, the whole English department missed out a piece of curriculum that was crucial to our exams (which to this day, still sounds like a load of bull), and about half of us got called out in an assembly to be told we'd failed out exams, but hey it wasn't out fault! It was super stressful afterwards, because I was doing Art as well, and they both required me to go to these after school clubs, and lessons outside of term time. Needless to say my anxiety went through the roof at that point XD

    Interesting. I'm not sure if I'd use Kenna exactly, but I'd try and work parts of her in somewhere. I'm thinking a character who whilst soft and docile, won't hesitate to shut you down, if you're being an ass. Her family is fairly well off and her dad was, for a time, the head overseer of the Great Marsh in Pastoria City. He died in a bad accident, and her mother kind of fell into a spiral of depression, which lead to her joining Team Galactic, and later being arrested. Said character loved her parents dearly, and loss of her father, and the subsequent mental breakdown of her mother, heavily scarred her. Whilst she distracts herself with hobbies and the like, she fears she might one day end up like her mother. I was thinking about which legend might work well for her and I actually really like the idea of Palkia XD
    True haha! Plus, I started a new job, so I was like trying to adjust to that again. It's a library job so I get to work with so many books haha. Damn, I know that feeling. We had a similar problem with our English way back in high school. It sucked ***. We all got F's.

    A Water Character you say? My Kenna senses are tingling XD I might have to sign-up looks interesting...and I think I applied for something similar before, so I have experience with that sort of Rp.
    Hey man, sorry it's been so long since I replied to you. Christmas was pretty hectic this year, and then I've been busy the last couple of weeks. How've you been?
    It's up for debate if they're going to release any more at all at this point. :/

    Gemma Stone and Sara Sushi. The former was exclusive to Wal-Mart. The two I have are this one and this one. The only two TRU had in stock. Which is fine because I wanted that first one because she reminded me of Apple White. They're really cute, but admittedly, they are a little overpriced for a small, unarticulated doll with a molded top, but the stand, exclusive Shopkins, themed brush, and fake credit card factor into the price.

    Yeah, none of the games available at launch really interest me.

    1A + 0
    I like pink, and her birthday happened to be two days after mine. She also happened to be the last one left at TRU. xD

    I'm collecting all sorts of other dolls with EAH most likely ending, and people speculating Monster High is ending for some reason... :/

    Shopkins Shoppies
    Disney Descendants
    Star Darlings (Although, I think Libby is gonna be the only one I get...)
    I'm probably going to get another DC Superhero Girls doll at some point
    I might get one of those Kuu Kuu Harujuku dolls that's coming out.

    I'm not getting a Nintendo Switch until my birthday most likely, so I'll be saving money on Video Games. xD
    Well, I'll fix him up next Sunday. In the meantime, I posted the first wave of ponies in the Discussion thread. :p

    I bought a Star Darlings doll, finally. :p Libby.
    But Lorenzo is the type that would prefer Frozen over Star Wars, and would likely call him that just to mess with him. :p
    I'll just go without the hat.

    This is to give Kyle more detail. The only characters I have that wear flat hats like that are André, Lorenzo, and Tim, hence why putting one on Kyle reads a little girly. xD Technically I am using the plain version with the opacity lightened on top of the skull version to make the skull version gray.

    But the wolf pack tank top I'm using there has a lower neckline. :p

    Admittedly, I wasn't sure which Pony type to make Ivan, which is why I went with alicorn in the first place. xD

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