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  • I doubt it. They are new signature dolls after all.

    I can't imagine how that discussion went. "You want this shrug? Gimmie half your dress!" xD No, it's only Venus that has this style of joints. People complain about how ugly they look, but I don't really mind it.

    I've been wanting these three for a while. Now all that's left is the new Lagoona, Cleo, and Clawdeen.

    The other two's dresses patterns go all the way around. Did Abbey have to sacrifice half her dress for a removeable fur shrug? :O I don't know why it's only Venus whose arms and hands don't remove. :/
    They weren't, but they're already 14.99 each...

    For some reason, the pattern on Abbey's dress is only on the front. :/ Rochelle's hair is not that nice out of the box. Venus' hands and arms don't remove for some reason.

    I got the facial expressions, mane style, mane color, and body color (on Kyle) right at least. Where are those horns anyway?
    I'll remake Kyle and Ivan later. I'm back home now. Made a stop at TRU on the way back, and bought three new dolls.

    I'll try it tomorrow, when my parents aren't around to question why I'm making ponies on their computer. Hopefully, the computers at Best Buy work. xD
    I tried, and all it does it take me to a page that says "Safari is the best web browser for macs." And nothing actually downloads. :/ Stupid macs.
    I'll do it when I'm on a reliable, functioning, computer. The ones in my house don't have the latest "Flash plugin" and I don't know how to put it in. :/
    i have missed you though. it's good to see you back. (Also, Dragalge hooked me up with a Moon Ball Rockruff, it's sweeeeet)

    Sceptile is not based on something dark though. Decidueye is based of from extinct owls or something, so it fits the Ghost-theme. Yes, you have ruined Mega Sceptile for me now. lol. can't wait to get my hands on my ORAS Pokemon in Moon, whenever that'll happen.. Well, Meganium is as autumn like as most greenry during autumn gets, at least around where I live. lol. Shiny Serperior is pretty rad tbh. Omg im so happy I got Serperior through Island Scan, and caught it in a Luxury Ball. It doesn't get any more royal than that. I kinda see it, but Takumi doesn't have that color scheme. He is more teal and whites, not much red. (Played through Fates last week lol).

    omg, feminine Primarina with abs. Can't unsee. I dislike Primarinas cry. People hated on Incineroar, but omg i fkn love it!.
    Ye, Datrrix died and became Decidueye. lol. JHall made a comic on it, I think.

    lol. it was bad. The second one was good. I saw it in my Facebook feed a few weeks back as well. Regardless of its stats and weak movepool, Decidueye is my favorite starter. Ever.
    Do some stalking and you'll understand. lol.

    It could have been a darker shade of green. Given the same treatment as shiny Garchomp. (Also, Decidueye now marks my ninth shiny in Moon)
    Something dark, obviously. omg I totally see the christmas theme. Mega Sceptile is underestimated imo.

    Well, Meganium was given the autumn treatment, so that's something. Other than that, they just get hideous bright colors. Except Chesnaught, he looks hella awesome!

    Yup. Feathery abs. I mostly love it for its Pokedex Entry though. in Moon. xD
    Aw, that's sweet of you. your timing is perfect too, considering I am inches away from tearing Mon and Dragalges heads off.

    ye, I know. I have a gazillion bottle caps. Pretty lucky with them tbh. But once i get my 6IV Ditto, I won't be needing them. Its color scheme really screams "Ghost" and I love it. Also, shiny animation of using Shackle Spirit is amazing. I dislike Sceptiles shiny actually. Way too bright. We need to be grateful with what we have, and I dare say shiny Decidueye is amazing lol.
    omg you reacted right away what is this

    Adamant Nature. Confuse Ray egg move. IV's are sh*t, btu I frankly don't care.
    omg you're not dead after all.
    I'm fine thanks. Just got a shiny Rowlet through breeding a few hours ago, after trying for 5. f***ing. Days.
    True. But Iris is a dancer, which probably means she's light on her feet and agile. And I've known Rotom for a while. I'm sure he'd figure out a way to win that fight.

    Probably cold, but that's only because Ice person. :p

    I thought Elsa had a summer birthday.

    Of course, Lorenzo shares my zodiac sign. :p

    I guess Lorenzo would be a ExFP?
    Alright, it'll probably be up in the evening.

    I'm sure Rotom310 would beg to differ. :p

    Kyle loves the cold, but hates the heat because he's an Ice person.
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