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Recent content by Jeff Zero

  1. J

    #641 Tornadus

    I need a Tornadus. I have an extra Tepig and Oshawatt, but not much else that's rare.
  2. J

    Pokemon innuendos in the anime

    The watermelon episode with a watermelon colored Electrode had Team Rocket talking all the time about fruit: Meowth: "I ain't never been so happy ta be wit somethin' so fruity!" Jessie: "Come to me you great big ball of juicy deliciousness!" Meowth: "Talk about your forbidden fruit~! [when...
  3. J

    Malice In Wonderland! (511)

    This episode rocked. Great stuff with Brock and Croagunk. Lots of good fighting, TR was actually funny with the multiple blast offs, and it was kinda neat to see Meowth get to be with his beloved Giovanni (at least in a, shall we say, "Boss Fantasy"?) Glad to see I wasn't the only one who...
  4. J

    DP079 Title

    It's gonna take some kind of miracle for Dawn to beat May. I mean, we're talking about May here, the queen of BS victories. The only reason I could see Dawn winning is Dawn is a regular on the show now so they'd want to develop her as a coordinator, and with May only doing a guest stint it...
  5. J

    Whats with the Zoey hate?

    I was unimpressed with Zoey from her very first appearance. So bland and uninteresting. I was expecting her to be a bit more like Gary, Drew and Paul, you know, a rival that eggs you on so you really want to beat them to wipe their smirk off their face. I'm surprised no one's mentioned her dub...
  6. J

    Attacks that your waiting for in the show

    LOL, I know what you mean. They just get worse and worse with that. In "Odd Pokemon Out" Razor Leaf explodes. How exactly do leaves cause an explosion?
  7. J

    If you were in charge of the anime (may contain spoilers)

    -I would do just enough fewer filler characters so all those neglicted characters from the games would get to appear in at least one episode. These include Silver, Will, Karen, Janine, Wallace, Wally, Brendan (or is it Brandon?), Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, the male character in Diamond and Pearl...
  8. J

    Fourth Round Rumble! (079)

    I agree about Jeanette, I thought she was the Katie of the Indigo league (Junichi/Jackson/Vincent was probably the Katie of Johto) and I think she should come back, this time with a Scizor and a Weepinbell or Victreebell. One thing I always found weird about Gary's loss was that his Nidoking...
  9. J

    Better Eight Than Never! (256)

    I don't know about that. I only noticed the improved color and visuals being better in certain episodes around this time. Ones I always noticed having the better colors and animation included "Got Miltank?", "Address Unown" "You're a Star, Larvitar" and "Here's Looking at you Elekid". The most...
  10. J

    Which opening do you like the most in US and JP

    US: Johto League Champions JP: Either Ready Go or Together
  11. J

    Ash's Strongest Pokemon to Date (In Japan Episodes too)

    Well, he beat Steelix in his premiere episode, but I guess that's not much since he had the type advantage. One thing I do wonder about sometimes, is when Ash (or any character in the show, for that matter) beat a strong Pokemon, is it because the Pokemon he beat in the previous rounds...
  12. J

    Ya See We Want an Evolution! (489)

    Nor do I. I'm not a hardcore Beetles fan, but I think they're pretty good. That would explain why the little computer he had had Prof. Oak's voice back when he was pulling that Feebas scam (back in Hoenn). It was HIS voice! I'm reminded of an episode of Futurama where the characters were...
  13. J

    Ash's Strongest Pokemon to Date (In Japan Episodes too)

    I firmly disagree. What nobody has really outright said (but I think they were trying to touch upon) is the fact that Legendaries are almost always (with only a few exceptions) supposed to be MONSTROUSLY powerfull. As in noone can even hurt them (a good example: Mewtwo. Not one Pokemon in the...
  14. J

    Attacks that your waiting for in the show

    I didn't think of this one until just now, but this one's actually a no-brainer.... PAY DAY! We've never actually seen a REAL Pay Day in the show! What I've always wondered, is, in the anime, would it be represented by round coins like what Jessie and James used in "Meowth Rules" to...
  15. J

    Choose It Or Lose It! (407)

    I liked this one, but yeah, the full Pokemon battles were rushed, oddly, Ash's battle against Katie was longer than his battle against Morrison and Tyson. I actually DON'T like Morrison. I think he's a well written character, but I just don't really like him, and Sean Shemmell's voice for...