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Last Activity:
Jun 16, 2020
Feb 25, 2012
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TSS Forever

jeffdavid102 was last seen:
Jun 16, 2020
    1. Epouvantail
      hey man, really funny that i log in to see this when i did, considering i never touch this site. i was thinking about you the other day, talking about a while back. how are you doing these days?
    2. Eliteknight
      thanks jeff and dw i have been less active since school is nearing exams for me
    3. Eliteknight
      happy new year jeff (late XD)
    4. Eliteknight
      yea ive been busy aswell involved with school work and leadership groups leading a clan with soem friends here most the tss people are there now and yea im tryign to do the same for christmas
    5. Eliteknight
      hey jeff hows it going?
    6. Eliteknight
      dont cancel it just be an inactive challenger :P
    7. Eliteknight
      hey jeff long time no see :)
    8. Eliteknight
      Yo jeff u should re-sign up for TMP u were a great challenger last time also since the banner in ur sig isnt working due to it being deleted here is a new one:

    9. MegaSerperior
      Nice! Looking forward to mine... Kind of.
    10. MegaSerperior
      November tenth.
    11. AceTrainerMohamed
      No you're not :)
      that was a mere feeling xD feelings are not always true
    12. AceTrainerMohamed
      Jeff, you have always been a great friend to us, don't say that you felt like a stranger bro..
      as much as you loved the clan and the members, they all loved you too

      please stay in touch brother :)
    13. Le_Juston
      most of MY friends that I know of, either are going to, or already are at TEG. In case it was unclear, I personally intend to stay clanless for the the moment, but when I change my mind, if tss isn't reborn by then, then that's most likely where I'm headed.
    14. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      People have gone various places. Me and some others have gone to TEG, and some have gone over to CG. Some I hear have also joined Drac, or at least intend to.
    15. AceTrainerMohamed
      Oh, looks like we misunderstood that xD
      glad that it's fine on justin's side :)
    16. AceTrainerMohamed
    17. Brutaka
      Yeah, it was three pages back. I actually started linking people to the request after I finished yours, lol.
    18. Brutaka
      I dont know if you still need it or not, but your request at Fly High is finished.
    19. AceTrainerMohamed
      Oh, justin's song can't be played indeed :/
      I guess you'll have to contact him about that cuz he has uploaded the song..
      and this is another link for brutaka's story :)

    20. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      Nah, I didn't forget. Now I usually just explain the EVs / Nature of a Pokemon in each set.
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    252 +6 Atk Choice Band Pure Power Victini (+Atk)Critical V-create vs 0 HP/0 -6 Def Dry Skin Paras (-Def) : 103470436.36% - 121729963.64% (Guaranteed OHKO)

    You Don't Say? I had no idea that a Choice Band Adamant Victini with maximum attack EVs and IVs that was baton passed +6 in attack and Skill Swapped Pure Power OHKO's Hasty Dry Skin Lvl 1 Paras with no defense EVs or IVs and -6 in defense under sun with a critical hit V-Create.​