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  • Oh shindingles. I'm so sorry about not posting in awhile. I wasn't able to post because I was having a very busy quarter in school. I want to stay in the RP and I have time to post again. Is it okay if Shapes is late to class?
    Sorry I haven't posted yet. I would post, but I kinda don't know what to type up. Things just seem a bit dull and boring, but I'll try to get something up by the weekend. It'll probably end up being an extremely small post though. ^_^;;;

    Edit: Then again, it turned out to be much sooner and longer... XP
    I know said I'd be able to post, but I haven't and I'm sorry, but I'll be leaving the RPG. Very sorry. :(
    Sorry about not posting that much in the RPG. I'll post tomorrow, it's just that I have a midterm tomorrow, but after it (around 11:15 AM), I'll post.
    Sounds great. Shoot me a message when the day is being close to over, just have him walk in on Ven sitting on the top bunk (There are bunks, right?) and ask him who he is, I'll take it from there.
    Alright, Sent it. I think. It's been so long, I'm not sure if I did it wrong.

    Anyways, if you did get it, I was thinking to just have my guy be skipping a few classes, than maybe attending one of the current classes, whatever is going on.
    Sounds like a plan, I'll need to go digging for it. Plan on changing a lot of things though. Might even write up a new sign up (Same character Ven, but a little different looking and a change in personality)

    I'll PM it to you when I'm done, but care to catch me up to speed on what I've missed so far?
    Hey Jeg. Just checking up on the RP section of the forums, noticed that you restarted the academy RP. Wish I noticed it sooner, would've shot you a sign up. Maybe next time, eh? Anyways, good luck this time. Hopefully this one is much more successful than the last :p
    If you want me to, that's fine. I was just under the impression it was okay for the rest of us to control NPCs like the headmaster and the teachers.
    Eh, never mind. It doesn't really matter now, since you've gone too far into the match. Meh, if you'd replied earlier, I would've asked you to call off the match, though.

    And thanks for not yelling at me. ^^; I have a short fuse, you see, and people often get annoyed at me (obviously) whenever I act like that.
    You do realise, you just contradicted my RP Post in HRPA by starting a battle between you and that other character?

    Pay attention next time.
    Thanks! I figured I wasn't that late since everyone was just making their starting posts (or at least last I checked) so I could still sign up. I'll get my SU up later today.
    Am I still able to sign up in your RPG? I asked in the SU thread but it's probably just easier to VM you. I'll get it up ASAP if I can join.
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