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Last Activity:
Feb 7, 2012
May 29, 2008
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Cleuren Region

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<---My fave PKMN, from Cleuren Region

Jegretis was last seen:
Feb 7, 2012
    1. Creeper
      May you reserve me for Pokemon RA? Thank you.
    2. treespyro
      Nah she won't.
    3. Slipomatic
      you mean 2nd to being bad :D

      In order... Yellow, Green, Blue, Red :(

      Serra is going to get revenge!!!
    4. Slipomatic
      lol, just realized that in the sign-up I went with blue, thinking that you were sticking to old setup, with blue being best :P

      Now it's yellow that's best... What happened to vaporeon that made jolteon best :P

      Oh well, at least this makes an interesting twist for my character, who could be classified as strong trainer, due to history and I guess secret training with parents behind the leagues back.
    5. treespyro
      No problem. Is it okay if I have a NPC type minor character person as like the girl for the guy. Just some toying of ideas I guess but yeah I'll meet with the other characters.
    6. Slipomatic
      I'll try to get my post in whenever I can have some quiet time. Too many guests hogging my room :(
    7. MeltingCORE
      Sweet, making my first post now. : )
    8. Pyroli
      Aw cool!
      I'll make my first post when I get back on my laptop.
    9. Flame Mistress
      Flame Mistress
      Yeah, guess so. I'm playing on my Korean Black, which was an early Christmas present from my dad.
    10. Flame Mistress
      Flame Mistress
      Merry Christmas!
    11. Flash Sport
      Flash Sport
      Do you have an idea what the weather's going to be like for the opening post. Perhaps a stormy day with a torrential downpour? XP I wanna start preparing my post ahead of time, but if nothing's set yet I can wait. Perhaps the ferry can have a S.S. Anne moment and get attacked by a group of Gyarados so the returning students can show off (excluding my character). :P
    12. Flame Mistress
      Flame Mistress
      Just saying, Paradox is well-known in the Misc. Section for his/her weird posts. You never know that he/she'll do in the RP.

      Oh well. That's in the Misc, anyway. Didn't even know Paradox was interested in RPs till now, though he/she mightve been in ones like Persona: OP. Anyway, so when d'you think the RP will start up?
    13. InnerFlame
      Oh the bad timing... in too many RPG. I want to rejoin RA but I don't know if I can handle another RPG. I might do it anyway but I see.
    14. RaZoR LeAf
      RaZoR LeAf
      Not at all.
    15. Assassin9399
      it's okay, thanks for letting me know.
    16. Assassin9399
      Do you still want to join the Avatar RPG? Because if you do, I'll post the thread tomorrow or Thursday I think.
    17. Absol6028
      Quite NP at all ^_^ If you need any other help, send me a VM :)
    18. Pokefan0234
      Haha, yeah sorry, he's talking to your char. ^_^
    19. Niihyl
      Which one? Say so in the Sign-up thread. Post there.
    20. mattj
      AAAAAAAA bro! Pick up your pokemon! :o
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