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  • The RPers are growing hungry and restless (the I still see anyway)... they want to move on to the weekend and catch their pokemon and get the RPG moving forward again.
    Well I'm being a good co-owner and trying to keep the RPG alive but we won't be able to preoccupied ourselves forever battling one another. Anything you want me to do just ask and I'll see what I can do.
    Okay. I'll do that, I just need everyone in Twilight Town to have contact with it before I have it pull out and COD to Traverse Town.
    Yeah, basically. I'll try to keep this fight as short as possible, it's only really an introductory fight.
    Well Jegretis, there has been quite a bit of new people trying to join Pokemon: Regional Academy. I'm nice so I'm going to offer, do you need help with it? I've been playing RPG for quite awhile so my standards tends to be a bit high, but if you want it I'll be glad to help.
    Mmm, he disappears from time to time. He's been in a few other games of mine and he does that. So, I don't know how to get in contact with him otherwise. He might show back up in a while.
    You kind of didn't answer my question, do I post while including the fire alarm tripping or ignore the fire alarm mess and just go to lunch?
    Okay. Cuz I was going like, if grass energy becomes wings, and ice becomes spikes, what the heck is ghost energy? Skulls?

    Oy, can we use energy armour in the RP?

    Swalowing ice shard: ice spikes grow out of body
    Swallowing Energy ball: energy wings grow
    I said I heard.

    I've been seeing posts lately asking where he was, and that he quit serebii, and other posts like those.
    Alright, thanks. Again, really sorry about this. I should be buying a new monitor soon, so maybe in the future I might be able to get back in.
    Hey, sorry I took so long to reply. Anyway, I'm sorry to say this, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop from the RP. My computer monitor broke about a week ago so I've been relying on college computers for internet access at the moment, so I can't really contribute to the RP regularly. Sorry.
    Yeah, the RPG has been running slow and losing people...

    More sign-ups would be nice!

    And hey, if people dont sign up, maybe we could all make a second character!

    Btw, did you get my PM?
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