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  • I do think, you should open sign ups again just to feed in more characters, you know what I mean.

    If we lose people, we have to gain more people.
    Am I allowed to make an NPC a rival, because that's exactly when I'm planning to do with James, because he beat him in his first battle(in school at least)?
    oh, I forgot to ask you. you do know when it's the right time allow new RPers, right?

    1. RP has people quitting
    2. RP is going slow
    3. RP is getting boring
    4. RP seems like it has too little people
    5. RP people starts to complain
    Okay. Cuz when I asked on the SU thread, I noticed that you stopped posting in it just before the post. So yea. XD soz.
    Umm... shouldn't you have an RPer who plays a character from the past year of the school in the RP?

    Cuz like, using NPCs for everything just isn't right. And other than the NPCs, the RPers have no way of getting onfo about their classes so far.
    Hey buddy. Hope you got my message about me willing to draw for your RPG and about the questions I asked you.
    I hope you don't mind this new twist to our Character's rivalry that I'm adding, I'm sure it will lead to some very interesting conflicts down the road...
    uhh, i thought Giggity couldn't join the RP, since the three people you said that had a chance was me, and two others, who were NOT Giggity.
    okay. some people just ignore that part. =P sorry about the short history. You remember the better history from the last SU, but yea.

    You do know that the SU I posted today is different from the one that I posted yesterday and the one I tried to fix, right?
    na, you never said three more people. it just says that in the accepted list. some people will be peeved. XD

    Hey, one more question. why just ten? i mean, most RPs have no max at all, or have 15. I mean, especially since this is a SCHOOL Rp.
    one question. there are three spaces left, and there are three people who want to join.

    why are you making it so only one person can join out of the three?
    One question, your choice.

    Should we at least have some romantic tension, later on for our character both being the same age.
    Hey, I will be at football as of 6:30, (If this post was at 5:40)

    Hopefully we will be out by 11 tonight, if not, I will post in the morning. Just a heads up.
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