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Recent content by Jellyfisher

  1. Jellyfisher

    Ways to stream BDSP?

    Thanks so much for your help! I’ll definitely get one of those
  2. Jellyfisher

    Ways to stream BDSP?

    Hey so I want to stream the game on discord with my friends as I'm playing, as I'm sure many of us will want to. Can anyone recommend a capture card for this? Additionally it would be great if it's for sure compatible with a Macbook ( all I have here in college :3 ) Or, if there's a better way...
  3. Jellyfisher

    What Pokemon comes to mind for the Type above?

    Vaporeon Ice
  4. Jellyfisher

    I'm getting back on! Hey people ^ _ ^

    I'm getting back on! Hey people ^ _ ^
  5. Jellyfisher

    Deleting old content in bulk

    Hey! As you can tell on my profile I've had an account on serebii for quite some time and while I've been a consistent player I haven't kept up on here. Also I'm not 10 anymore so I'd like to erase my old content Lmfao. Is this possible or would I have to delete each post individually? Thanks in...
  6. Jellyfisher

    Count to 60 Before Somebody With Under 20 Posts Comes

    29 . Happy Hunger Games!
  7. Jellyfisher

    Pokémon Clue!

    Same with me. I'll stay.
  8. Jellyfisher

    Throw an Object at the Next Poster

    *Hits with a baseball bat* *Throws sexy babe at NP*
  9. Jellyfisher

    Make a new type!

    You Spinda Sexy-Type
  10. Jellyfisher

    Serebii's Victory Cup Tournament #1 (Round Two)

    Poor Eevee Elite. Why?!? You were my favorite. At least you put up a fight. Eevee Elite will live on!!!
  11. Jellyfisher

    Old Users You Miss

    Are you joking? As for me, V-Faction.
  12. Jellyfisher

    Pokémon Clue!

    1. HydroSwampert 2. SpeedSuicune 3. Paradox 4. Flame Mistress 5.Jellyfisher 6. gmoyes 7. 8. 9. djhappy (Col. Hapster) 10. Rayquaza is green 11. 12. Fanal! 13. ShadeAce 14. Doctorwho2010 15. Loreni333 16. ShinyRaikou 17. 18. SasoriSand
  13. Jellyfisher

    Make a new type!

    Weavile Psycho-Type.
  14. Jellyfisher

    Hey don't ignore me.

    Hey don't ignore me.
  15. Jellyfisher

    Huh! Your sister?

    Huh! Your sister?