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  • Omg O.0 Omg, now I am going to start working on my legs then. I should perhaps make them as fabulous as Cilan's or at least half as fabulous. The rear I can understand....but the legs..eep :x Ah, thecertain area...oh god, I think I am going to start watching a girl's eyes and see what she's watching from now on. (Like she's watching the certain area or not). I have this bad habit....once I know about something, I observe people to see if it's correct or not. For example when I learned that clicking About Me tells a person's gender, I started to click on every person's profile. Now you know why I was on a rampage that day.Anyway seriously.I never had legs in my mind. I should wear my shorts and perhaps roam around the Girls dorms. Thank you for this extra knowledge. I am enjoying this conversation way more than I should. Dammit :X I am a bad boy.

    I know how is it with you and Gary :D And your crush (I know too much now? :D)

    Yeah.but she won't see him that way. Big slap on his face ftw? :D But romance isn't the main focus in my fic, so I'll give an open end for him :D
    YOU ARE A BAD GIRL.....LOLOOLOL. That's okay everyone likes something. Though I never an understand why you like legs. I mean I am I have been staring at those images of Alexa.lolXXXDDDD. I am curious how your mom might react. :x

    Make it then :D

    That's a good enough review for me :X I was watching this youtube video.and this guy said "there hasn't been a memorable rival since Gary. Paul didn't do much..." I stopped watching that video after that.

    Yes, Paul is....what should I say incapable of love. And Dawn helps him out with it...guess who he first falls in love with?

    Anyway why are you and everyone in the thread saying the animation is good just by one pic? I mean isn't that jumping to conclusions? :D Or is it really good and I am blind to stuff. I say the artowrk is splendid but that's all.

    I am not going to edit the typos and stuff anytime soon because I am too lazy and the bio is mainly for me to read. If my readers stumble upon it accidentally, they can consider themselves lucky on the extra info.

    Give me a final opinion though. You always tend to not give that making me feel unsatisfactory. (Like your review on my Pokeshipping fic and our recent exchhagnge of materials.)
    Unfortunately everyone else in the world including me wants BW to end :x. I feel bad for you but who knows someone who can surpass Dento might come and join the cast!!

    Well I must credit Shinneth for that, but eh :x I always had that in mind, her fic only solidified my opinions on Paul.

    Can I do anything to make it better? :X (I may have ruined, right?)
    Aww...yeah I can understand why you are sad. I don't though. I am kinda looking forward to see how well Ash does this region. His design looks great(Red''s Hat.foreshadowing?) and he seems to be older than he was in Best Wishes! Gah, four more years of Ash development before he regresses again! YEAH :D I think Dento will stay for some reason, maybe it's just me....bleh, I will miss him but if it means we will get more new people into the stuff I can afford to miss him :x I like Dawn and Cress in the sense that she is cheating on Ash LOLOLOLOLLOL. Sorry but the [.s][./s] discussion we had doesn't seem to leave my mind.Oh yeah, Trip and Barry :X
    Hmm, then I'll watch it.

    LOL. fail :x

    OMG. Cracks are really fun. Damn I wish I had Otaku friends, all my friends talk about these boring TV Serials and Movies. Uggh, I wish I could share with someone irl. PAUL AND TRIP MOT MARRIED. Made my day!!!!!!!!! Lol that really made me laugh.(Is Dento a Ninja now?). Cress and Dawn should have some alone time :X (Geez, I love this cheat-Pearlship LOL) YES, this is my name for Dawn X Cress--CheatingonPearlshipping! Reggie must have loved his brother kissing Trip. (Guess what Trip's English VA is gay)

    Anyway, can you take a look at this? This is my char bio of Paul. Give it a light read because I typed it casually too. It has tons of grammar errors, forget them all.

    I will wait till episode 24 :D The OP looks great, I hope it's not one of those cliche anime though. I hate cliche anime.

    LOL....my stem..so I am a berry tree or a berry?

    I should totally write a series of Drabbles with our crack ideas..........It'll be Dawn abusing mostly though.
    Beats me, I swear Ilocked her in her cage before I left and I doubt it happened just before I left.
    [Aw I think he demoted me to just a mod...he must have known that I was planning to warn people xD]
    Nothing much, just trying to figure out how my dog got into my pockets of my pants after I left for work :/
    [and also trolling in duh's new forums xD]
    I'm actually planning to watch the first five episode of AOT tonight, yep nice job putting your Tumblr link there as well.
    [ Well, then it might work for Ash.

    Could you please explain that to me? What does a daughter instead of a son have to do with science? And I know getting a boy or girl is a 50/50 chance. ]
    Oh, I don't even know what's that from. //and I thought I watched a lot of anime.

    If I am a berry, how could I type?

    Barry could well..............um, well, um, he and Ash can swear that they wouldn't watch each other's gym battles. Here's my crack drabble idea for the day. Cress, Paul, Conway and Dawn go on a journey together. Dawn lies on her bed in her usual pajamas, musing to herself about the moment Cress defended her from the evil Team Rocket. But then she would notice some moment outside the tent and realizes some one is peeking a look at her. She assumes Conway did it. she wishes Cress did it, but it's actually Paul who does it because he's feeling cold and Reggie cut his monthly allowances to buy a proper sleeping bag :x

    Ohhhh Attack on Titan is really good then? I might download it......is it airing or done?

    And that's it for today!
    [ Well, I know the effect it has on me. I think you know what effect that is. And I really can't imagine how Ash would be helped by that...

    Well, what does it has to do with science and 50/50 chance? ]
    Couldn't help but make a brief come back to give you a reply. I guess I could steal 5 min a day for a VM?

    I'll start with a reply to the previous VM.

    Lol, I am not a berry.......or a Barry. How's that for a pun?

    Eh, Barry doing Battle Frontier while Ash doing the gyms..sounds lame from an Ash-fan's perspective. I can self-insert as Paul, haha, so I don't need myself, else I'll be boring and forgettable like Tracey. Dawn will have a hard time opening her tents for Cress while closing them for Conway. Chances are that Paul might throw in a peek.

    And, right now I am having a hard time constraining myself from Sppf. In the process, I am doing nothing but sit blankly before the computer and figure out what I should do. But I think I'll be more balanced tomorrow :X Why am I acting like Sppf is a disease? Well my campus placements will start in two weeks. Companies are gonna come to recruit us.and I need to be top notch by that time. I should have started preparing already........but I failed :x

    What's SNK?

    [ Well, does that really help for anyone? It only makes people feel more sad, and also like their problems aren't taken seriously. When someone is seriously sad, that would never help. Maybe if someone is overexaggerating (for example, a teen crying about not getting expensive gifts from parents all the time), but not when it comes to serious issues.



    How does that explain why you want Dento and Iris to have a daughter and not a son?

    >.< ]
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