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  • So the best way of fighting Ghost Pokemon from Gen 1 - 3 is using energy moves right?

    Does Grassy Terrain affect the entire Arena? Like the Graveyard. As you know the Graveyard is broken into sections.
    I was wondering if other sections Grassy Terrain will affect. Or is it only where its at for that section? :)
    Hey Kecleon
    Does moves like Acrobatics, Aerial Ace, and etc. Work on Pokemon like Phantump unlike Gastly?
    Cause they said that Physical Water like Water Gun and other Physical types can't harm Gastly. I was wondering if they same applies to Phantump? :)
    Thanks a lot Kecleon.

    Whats the best way of recobering and saving energy?

    Do you battle with newcomers or you wait until they get a little more experience? :)
    Could you explain the different variety's of Psychic moves?

    Like Psychuck and etc.

    In my battle, my Larvesta couldn't use Psychic to pick up an opponent.

    How many different types of Psychic are there for Psychic?
    Okay I understand now. :)

    In one of the battles, I seen Kush order a MC Focus Blast. I didn't even think that was possible since its only used for Hyper Beam.
    Thats why I ask.

    Does moves like Rest restore your energy or health?
    So it depends on how much energy is used. Right?

    [Could you explain on Quick charge Sub and burst agility and etc. ?
    Could these be used on other moves as well? If so can you provide me a link to it so I can learn them.] :)
    Oh wow didn't even know that.

    I was looking at Move Errata. What do you mean by (NO), (Various), (WA), and etc.?
    After claiming my Mega Stone.
    Do I have to post somewhere to get it attached and approve? Similar to Hidden Powers. :)
    Do we have a Elite Four system similar to the Gyms?
    It doesn't make sense to have Gyms without the Elite Four.
    I don't know whats UPN so I'll stick to Serebii. :)

    Okay go look for it now in announcements.

    Quick question:
    How do you level up your Pokemon?
    When you Level up, can your Pokemon evolve if its on the level its suppose too, despite being a Level 1 trainer.

    Thanks. :)
    What you mean?
    Just to clarify I posted in the Open Challenge thread my first match. I see some people saying im running out of slots this is my last battle for this slot.
    Thanks for your help.

    Lets battle when I get some battles under my belt.
    You do have a 8 year experience over me. :)

    Does the contest works similar to the actual anime?
    Where you have to display your Pokemon then go into battles until a winner is crown? What effect does the ribbon have? Does it have effects in battle?
    I know you have to post in Challenge Section to get a match, but who does the Refereeing?
    We have to request them?

    Whats the purpose of Contest?
    How long does it take for Hidden Powers to approve?

    Also, I just finished my Squad and everything else. Do I have to get approval from a moderator to begin battling? Or I just find someone to battle and begin there?
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