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Jersey Jimmy
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  • Just wanted to go ahead and add that for the protest thing, there's already a precedent for this. in Black and White (you know, the Unova games), there's a Plasma protest going on right in the middle of Accumula Town the second you get there. There could be some sweet parallels if you choose to change it to that.
    Dude, do NOT be afraid to go back and revise stuff quickly. It's what I do all the time. My philosophy is, the faster you fix a thing, the faster your readers have a better product on their hands.

    Also, about the protest suggestion, I'm not entirely sure it would be best, considering that the comments the guy made had an impact on Jimmy near the end of the chapter. If you can find a way to incorporate the insults (more subtly, as I said) into the larger crowd, more power to you, but I feel as though even though the commentary on ignorant people was a little heavy-handed, the revelation about Jimmy's self-esteem is a good thing.

    But do revise the bed thing. It just seems a little sketch-balls. Maybe it's because you have more of a background in shipping fics (yes I did check your started threads on your page), but just remember that Jimmy and Flannery aren't in a relationship. Yet.
    Yes to all of the previous questions. I'd rather not say my skype and steam stuff here, as that info's a little private, but I'll pm you that if you like.

    And yeah, I was in a ska band. I was the trumpet player. We're not together anymore, and it ended kinda badly, but it was fun while it lasted.
    XD I tend to be really active sometimes, not-so-active other times is probably why. But I don't mind talking! What's up with you? (Slow responses today in particular because I have a 12-hour out-of-town training day for work, but yeah.)
    Yeah! I keep silently hoping for a new Pokemon game for wiiu with Shadow Pokemon >:3

    Oh ok cool! hahaha :)
    What other shippings in Pokemon are there? Other than MistyxAsh :)
    Yeah the 3d is nice, I just miss the sprites :(
    I LOVED Gale of Darkness though...I like the console #D art :)

    What is that? :eek:
    sorry to hear that! :( At least it's over now! :)

    haha yeah, she does have Alien eyes! :p Her outfit is so cool though~

    Ok! ^_^ I find I like the older pokemon games with the sprites better than the newer ones, just my preference though! I like how the sprite art before XY was always different than the other games...like ruby's sprites was different from fire red etc...

    Hbu? Do you like the sprite art, or do you prefer the newer 3d art? :)
    Oh wow! haha how bad was it there? -Is behind in the news- >__<"
    Yeah Flannery is pretty awesome! :3
    My faves have to be Winona and Valerie! :D

    Did you complete your dex for ORAS yet? :)
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