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Last Activity:
Dec 20, 2017
Jul 1, 2007
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NSW, Australia

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Shiny Hunter, from NSW, Australia

Jessara was last seen:
Dec 20, 2017
    1. kirkeastment
      For your Shiny Goomy hunt, will you be using the Repel Trick?

      In the surfing water if you have a lvl 31 Pokemon with illuminate(to increase encounter rate) in the lead you can eliminate the most common pokemon Quagsire, and just have Stunfisk and Goomy encounters.

      You can SR every time you run out of repels so as not to waste money too. :)
    2. Everlasting
      Eehe, that's what I thought when I showed you my Tirtouga. Well that's okay, I saw it on pictures! :D
      Thanks! Can't wait to evolve my Onix. :3
      How about you ? What'S your next BQ hunt ? :p
    3. Everlasting
      Thanks! It was more of a surprise, I was complaining outloud for not getting a shiny and it appeared...
      New Friend Code ? Got it, I'll add you when I get back from school! Mine is : 0946 - 3595 - 9036. More informations about my Safari in my signature! Dragon Safari ? Awesome!
      See you later, and thanks! :D
    4. Everlasting
      Oh, sorry Jessara, but I won't probably be playing Animal Crossing for a good moment, I'm working on my Pokémon games... and I had a meteor shower a week ago, so there's no need for that! Thanks for the attention, though!
      Congratulations on Club LOL and expressions, mine is underway, can't wait for it to open! Oh, I didn't know you could totally pass a villager to another town, so you think Elise, in my town, is yours ? Incredible. Well, good luck for it.
      My town is nice, T&T Mart is open a week ago, the museum shop is also open yesterday, Kicks arrived a week ago ; it's quickly growing up! I won't put much attention, however, until I can get that café in my town, so...
    5. Everlasting
      I'm there, and I'm ready to give her to you! :D
    6. Everlasting
      I think I get it. Want to always give it to one of us so we can always benefit of her gift at the end ?
    7. Everlasting
      Why am I evil ? Now to who am I going to give Katie ? D:
      YES YOU PAID IT! I was at my house with Jake when you were outside and you stated about my project!
    8. Psynergy
      Yeah, it was an interesting way for us to meet. I don't mind adding you either. The more the better, right? My FC is in my sig.
    9. Everlasting
      Stop it, that's not funny. ;_;
    10. Everlasting
      No worries! I can barely understand, and get some rest! :D
    11. LadyTriox
      I...I love your avatar^^ I hope we can be friends^^
    12. Everlasting
      Hi there, thanks for the king word!
      I will actually receive my own Animal Crossing : New Leaf copy today, in about two hours and I'm already excited about it, can't wait!
      Tarantulas and scorpions are bugs that I don't like especially... If I see one I'm not sure if I'll even cosnider of catching it. Maybe I'll try or run away. xD
    13. cocoadragon
      GOOD LUCK TO YOU I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I'm also on the 2nd shiny of my BQ almost pass the odds
    14. D Dog Master Of War
      D Dog Master Of War
      hello...I'm D Dog master of war (:
    15. LadyTriox
      Ello dearie XD Whats new? x3;
    16. LadyTriox
      I LOVE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE *friend requests* if thaz okay?
    17. ~EternalDarkness~
      Thanks :) My shuckle just so happens to be female, Shelly sounds like a great name :)
    18. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      I know ... and I know I keep on saying this, but don't give up. Maybe try to hatch some Joltik eggs instead for a while, or use an Illuminate Pokemon instead of Static. I mean, does it really matter at this point what shows up??

      If it's something other than Joltik, then hatch for Joltik at a later date, especially with BW2 coming up. You can use the Round Charm to speed up the process!
    19. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      Hey, thanks for all your messages. White has definitely been a lucky game for me. I wonder what will pop up next! Good luck with your hunting!
    20. K'sa
      Gratz on the shiny Golett ;v;
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    Home Page:
    NSW, Australia
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Gaming, reading, TV Shows/Movies, Pokemon & Shiny Hunting!


    Newest Shiny!

    Caterpie - 10/5/2014 Pokemon Y
    3DS Friend Code #1: 1590-6027-9053 Water Friend Safari​
    3DS Friend Code #2: 1693-1676-9063 Dragon Friend Safar​