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  • Jesse! Or J.B. Warner!

    This is also Daff Doc from certain cartoon forums (I'd rather not mention one that's fallin' to pieces over T&J.) How are you? I'd be interested in DS Communicating one day, look up my FC & see my shinies!
    Sinnoh has just been...beyond amazing. I love almost all the new characters we got: Dawn, Paul, Conway, Zoey...the only ones I'm not fond of is Kenny, but simply because I find him a bit boring. Also love how plot-based Sinnoh is, and how almost all the fillers have been awesome.
    Oh yeah, that be great, I think I still have your e-mail. Your haven't changed your e-mail right? I know my e-mail is the same. I'm just coming back for this week only since I wanted to clear up some things for DP 165 that was bugging me for a few days.
    Oh my god. Your user title. Either you watch shitty movies or you watch a certain Critic.
    If it is the latter, I do applaud you.
    lol as you can see for yourself i've been here for a little bit, just not very active cuz i couldn't figure stuff out plus i have a bazillion other emails to keep up with so i usually fall behind in my forum work (as it is i have another 1 or 2 forums that i used to keep up with but either rarely do or haven't in a little while)
    Which leads me to another one of my answerless questions: What is the fascination this fandom has with being better than its characters? For the life of me, I'll never understand why it's only "Pokémon" fans who watch their favorite show with the intent of making themselves look smarter than it.
    I do believe that can be answered by one simple word:


    It seems that everyone has nothing better to do than make themselves look smarter than something else at some point. Unfortunately, that time comes more often for others when they are here or watching the anime.
    But, it would be nicer if it evolove. I really don't mind if it is always out of it's Pokeball, just it's boring to be unevoloved(but that's just me) and hope it's spenting time out of Pokeball wouldn't make Dawn to ignore her other Pokemon(especially Mamoswine).
    Boy, people really don't like Pochama, do they?
    Of course, most of us don't like it because that evil Penguin steals everbody's screentime and don't want to evolove...
    It seems you and I seem to have some common ground in doing so these days, otherwise this forum would be rendered completely boring, making me want to shun it for the rest of its existence.
    I know it ain't much, but I'd like that really thank you for helping me get some points across in the forum, even when I pretty much have ran out of good and interesting things to say a majority of the time, especially when I've been reduced to act like a broken record player.
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