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  • Okay then. Sure. She's your friend, but GameFAQs game boards are notoriously bad, so who cares what they think? Whether or not she's a scammer is something she should defend herself against. They have a pretty fair case against her, and while its not definitive, it's better left for her to defend herself.

    Just a suggestion man. While you raised some good points, I think you mentioned she used other people's accounts? That's moddable on their, and she shouldn't be account sharing, so that wasn't a good point to bring up.
    Yeah, I know.. I played a bit at the release of X&Y but that's just about it.

    Anyway, thanks for the links!
    Hi Gibbs! I was just wondering what xat/irc everyone uses, and if I could have links to them. I kinda wanna just go on and have a throw back to the past - I haven't even thought about competitive pokemon for months now. You seem to be the only person I remember that really contributes to the forums now, and thank god you're still here to keep everyone in check!

    Not sure if you'll need to PM me due to advertising policies of what, but anyway, thanks!
    BH literally asked me the same thing on xat like three days ago, lol.

    No, I haven't gone by an old username before. I've been in the Comp section since about March of 2013, but haven't really done anything outside of my one Guild until recently.
    Well it's going to get really close to the 90's here, so I hope that is warm enough for you :D
    I see, that's interesting to know. But thank you for the positive word. It means a lot, since I acknowledge that I still have a lot to learn. So I'll do my best, and fight the good fight!
    I thank you for the Seal. Much better than the Sea Lion of Neutrality or the Walrus of Disapproval.

    ...Although to be honest I had actually thought you were one of the prime candidates for the next competitive mod. Kind of came as a surprise to me.
    Happy first day of Spring

    Not sure, haha. I just started a couple weeks ago. However, I have had a blast while playing it, and seeing old analyses makes me think that this is a better meta.
    Lucky. I have to wait until next week to start finals. I'm still doing prep work. At least it lets me get these last couple papers out of the way early...
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