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  • Haha, I tried to quit a while back. Couldn't do it. Decided to stick around as much as I could without actually trying. I just decided to do a bit more than just casual matches lately.

    Not too bad. College is, as usual, a pain. I'm sure you know how that goes. You?
    Awesome. It's about 12:30 am over here but after class/shopping tomorrow I'll give them a look. Thank you very much.
    tbh I've been meaning to read the thread (Just a wonky sleep schedule/coursework has been in the way) I'd super appreciate it if you could send me links so then I can also tell him to be quiet if he deserves it.
    oh that's a shame. I didn't get to see you around much on the promotion.. But I'm glad you're doing well! c:

    I'm playing through X right now and well i've been decent through the years now. Just practicing my arts like usual.
    I just read your message to me this morning at my college school. But for me, would it be alright for you if I post both an analysis, AND how to defend against said pokemon in greater detail [since what I understand from your latest message is that my counters and checks are just brief information]. Maybe like, let's say, I'll type in Torterra's issues with Miltank.

    Or, do you mean that you want me to enter in text as to WHAT makes said pokemon a threat. The Torterra example again, as how it get to 2 hit KO a defensive Alomomola with a choice band set
    I just updated my previous post on the NU tier threats since I just read your suggestion that you want me to give more detail to the pokemon I've listed
    It is, it's pretty hilarious sometimes. I hosted a mini MetroKarp tour in our Guild's xat once and played MetroKarp with members most of the day. Guild Leader got annoyed when that was all we were doing, lol.
    When people add nicknames to their Pokes it can be even more funny, especially when you name it after other people.

    rofl that ending. Clutch Gengar is clutch.
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