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  • So liek, I need some team advice. Specschamp or Fly golurk? They are both broken in the metagame so either way they are strongth.
    Yea, I might take more of an interest in pokes again during the summer but it will definately be back when I get out of school whether I play or not.
    Been going good. I actually haven't played any pokes this year yet outside of frontier matches and the occasional 4th gen match for fun against Maka. You been active at pokes recently?
    I just got back from a three day party so I need some time to.. recover.

    I'll take a look in a few hours! Well, whenever I wake up I will.
    About that reference: You have to read "Death Note" sometime. You can catch it on goodmanga.net (let's pray it doesn't get shut down by Congress' laws). They also made an anime out of it if you're interested.

    Yeah. You have a point about the entertainment industry. Let's notice how you said it was 90% about MAKING MONEY! I'm not going to waste time pointing out my idealism about how the world would be better off w/o a financial system, but it seems completely idiotic of the entertainment industry (and every other industry and government) to fight over green paper. Just wish we could go to a time and place where we can choose what to support and believe in with impunity.
    Honestly, I would be surprised if the entertainment industry did go all Light Yagami all over us (Death Note reference). Let's face it; we're oppresive. If it doesn't APPEAR to benefit the people on top or does so much has offer a flicker of hope for something they are against, they want it snuffed out. All they really want is control. There may be a few good eggs in the bunch, but the rest of the group give those people a bad name.

    By the end of the day, when it is too late to prevent disister, we will know who are true enemies are, and they WILL be brought to true justice.
    Hooray for that, but the truth remains that now that this has been mentioned, those people at Hollywood and in the music industry aren't going to stop bugging Congress until they pass a law like what they tried already. Congress can't ignore piracy anymore for the sake of profits. They dug themselves into a deep hole and may have already started a chain of events that can lead to catastrophic results for not just the U.S, but the entire world.

    In short: some people will think of the government like this -> http://i43.*******.com/2h4ygqr.jpg
    I guess some people would say that the people of Anonymous are Well-Intentioned Extremists. I can't really say that I'm for Anonymous, but I AM against PIPA and SOPA getting passed. Cyber War will be inevitable, and it will be bloodier than both World Wars and the Vietnam War combined.
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