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  • Interesting, I might have to check it out. I’ve been really wanting to read the BW2 chapter. Nice, who doesn’t love Agencyshipping? It’s an adorable pairing.
    Same, that was so messed up what he did to Lillie. I’m glad, in the end, Lillie was able to touch Pokemon again. Same, the whole arc flew by and now, in a couple of weeks, we’re gonna start going into the Ultra Beasts and the Ultra Guardarians arc. They really rushed it by so fast. I just wish it would have been slowed down when Lillie was able to touch Pokemon again.
    Pokespe Discord Server? I really want to read BW2 chapter so bad. That is cute and why I am a hardcore Agencyshipper.
    I like that Lusamine was not the villain, I just wish they would have went mkre into depth into Faba. The whole arc flew by so fast. Plus, I don’t care for the episode where Solgaleo left, I wish it would have gotten a proper goodbye.
    I’ve been dying to get up to the part where Black is sealed in the light stone with Reshiram. I can’t find it anywhere.
    I actually have been really enjoying the SM anime so far. The only complaint I have about is they rushed into the Solgaleo arc too fast. I would have liked a little more build up to when Lusamine was taken to the Ultra Beasts World. Other than that, I really do like it.
    The story you sent me is up on FanFiction, it was written by xStart.a.RIOTx and the title of it is The Only Exception. I’ve read that story a few times and I love it. One of my favorite Pearlshipping oneshots. I hate that this guy is ripping off other authors, trying to pass their work off as his own.
    Hey, I’m alright. Would be better if I didn’t have the flu right now :/ other than that, I’m good. How are you?
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