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  • 20? really? That's nice. Well nintendo must've done a great job promoting the game in CA. Well, I'm gonna hit the sack (or futon). Must enjoy tomorrow's day off. Nice meeting you. Ja Mata ne?
    Oh probably I should have been more precise. I meant to ask female friends you know personally. Well in my case, my sis thinks some pokemon like bulbasaur are cute. My girlfriends do adore pikachu but I probably think I'm the only one who actually plays the game.
    Tactics is just... It consumes time. I love and hate how slow it is..
    Well my office is just like you. He also likes the game. I never really have the patience for that sort of thing. Look on how I dropped Disgaea. Anyway since he was such a nice guy, he introduced me to the God of War series. I'm done with the PSP version 'Chains of Olympus" but I am yet to play the first and the second installments. Liked the graphics and gameplay, full of action but the story is just too short for me. Oh and that very same person was the very reason I bought PSP b'coz he needed a playmate. Gullible ol'me fell for it, bought the package out of depression.
    Played Crisis Core too. Weird ain't I? I didn't finish the game. Stuck myself with most of the side missions, ended up getting Zack too hyped up that the main story mission became a piece of Japanese pudding. (I exaggerate) With that, got bored again and decided playing Loco Roco. Played War of the Lions too, but I'd rather play Pokemon.
    I see you're older than I am. Well at least I'm not the oldest, but I'm probably the "Old Aunt" here. I haven't really played the whole series (Disgaea) got bored halfway when played Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness for PSP. Oh, and I just read that your "nocturnal". I used to be that way. My previous job include graveyard shift. (Like you really need to know that.)

    P.S. And dear, don't post your replies on your own user page. It's not a good habit.
    SORA DE mean "at the sky" in Japanese. Well if you are located in Nifleheim, then I probably located in Asgard. BTW, the girl on my avatar, her name's Pleinair. She's the mascot for Takehito Harada's artworks. She appeared in Disgaea games. There's a remake for DS. Wait, wait would that mean you're also around 20?
    Thank you darling, you've been very helpful and I just happen to walk by another good quote from you

    Violence is ingrained within humanity. We've been violent since the beginning and we may very well end in violence.
    Thank you much!
    Not really, but I need your name if ever I'm gonna use that quote. I don't claim quotes as mine unlike most people. Do you use J'han as your universal username for other community? If not then, if you don't mind, may I know at least your first name?
    Honey I need to ask, did you compose this yourself or did you quote somebody else?

    People only want what's convenient. They don't care who they hurt, human or animal, so long as the truth doesn't look them in the face. If humans can rationalize it, or ignore it, or gaze at it through a bubble of distance, it doesn't ~really~ matter to them.
    And thank you for sharing that nice quote.
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