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  • Ahhh you sound just like my monster hunting cousins, they always berate capcom for their neglect of the english speaking world XD But I can read Japanese so idc O3O
    I just watched the trailer for monster hunter four O____________O
    You can release a BUG from your arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like.... OMGGGMGMGMGMGM I have to get it now :DD
    Ok yeah, MH online is the one with the barnacle (Baelidae) Holy crap it looks cool!!!! 8D I'm so glad they brought carpaceons back, hope those scorpions that were only on the MMO version.. (I forgot their names too!!) make another appearance.
    HURPP I'm soo bad at this.. I can't remember any of their names.. but I've played..
    The one for the wii, just a little (believe it's called Tri..)
    The one for the PSP where you fight Peco as the first boss and Jhen moren as the final boss, it was the first one with Rangurotaro (The armadillo) and whats his face the armadillo bear That game is the one I got the farthest in..
    The other one for the psp, where Yian Kut Ku the sexy chicken is the first boss, with hermitards ect. :D also Chameleos, the hyper cool elder dragon

    I'm not super into it myself, mostly know about it from my cousins, but I still like the series, and know the basics for sure 8D
    he wanted a banner :]mega garchomp, some sandstorm bg and "Nuno" for the text with text color matching garchomps
    Yea :) yea i hope so. I call first war (chew) ur war captain is scuba right? meh not really lots of weaker clans atmjust waiting for a chance to raise my war record vs them xD
    Nice! TBC is going strong again :) got sparky and anak helping me out. Not much not very many clans are warring atm which makes it hard only CC and TBC are warring clans anymore :/ which makes me unhappy cause we gots a 6-1 win loss atm. Meh not too much is new the rules are enforced much better by the mods though and war threads are up faster. O and tournaments have their own thread
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