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  • Plixr. Or something like that. And all the Amethyst ones are done, so that leaves 32. But the ones we do ourselves will all be a different style to the ones I'e got already, so those might have to be done again.
    Well, I'm giving them a go myself on this online program, but I can't figure out how to make white bits transparent. Was that the problem you had?
    good news :)
    myself and psycho have been talking, and we (mostly him) have decided to put you into juniors 3!!!!!!!!!
    I believe you'll be up against Pimm. I haven't fought him in a while so I don't recall his battle strategy, however even then he may have changed his strategy
    I talked with Monkey and it seems like everything is ready on his end so now is the best time to get our last minute preparations in order. We can start the HvH once we get our wager up. You know who you'll be up against right?
    There hasn't been a set date yet but once i figure when I'll let you know. Tbh I'm still working on my team as well so perhaps we can start in a few days, that should give us some time to get the kinks out. I'll let Jazz and Monkey know perhaps the 8th or 9th
    Alright, this HvH we're going to play regular OU so we don't have to make new teams however I'm thinking next month we can use themes like monogen or monotype, provided if you are still interested of course. Also as per Jazz's comment regarding the use of our strategem, that we wager the full 10 HP bc it would seem that, acccording to Jazz, our strategem allows a weak player to still win. However I asked the Kanto Captain MagicMonkey to hold off on our HvH until we can amass the 10 HP necessary so in the mean time I suggest preparing your team and or winning more HP for Unova ;)
    good question. So far we haven't made any kind of restrictions due in part w the seemingly lack of activity in Unova so I'll let kanto know we'll be going ahead with the HvH. In the mean time let's stack up points so we have something to wager ;)
    are you interested in being in an HvH against Kanto? So far its myself and Jazz who can participate so we just need one more to get things rolling ;)
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