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Recent content by JHG95

  1. JHG95

    Why Are The Fire Starter's Final Evolutions Since Generation 5 Cursed To Be Hated?

    I for one, like Delphox, Emboar, and Incineroar.
  2. JHG95

    Who's the True Strongest Trainer in Kalos?

    Assuming Valerie's just hiding her Mega Stone for tougher trainers, she'd crush everybody in her path.
  3. JHG95

    Unpopular opinions

    Chuck Norris jokes are unfunny and Chuck Norris himself is a scumbag that deserves no respect.
  4. JHG95

    What was the exact context of Satoshi Tajiri saying the Adventures manga was closest to the way he imagined the world of Pokémon

    It was for its time the most faithful adaptation but has since then gone in its own direction.
  5. JHG95

    Unpopular opinions

    Lady Triox is innocent and a true hero. BTW, I have landed alive!
  6. JHG95

    Legends: Arceus - General Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Some answers about Arceus and Mew's relation would be nice.