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  • Yeah, sure, let me get a female offspring for you. I can't guarantee its EVs though and will leave that up to you. Like I said, it's not a biggie, so don't worry about trading me anything worthwhile. ;)
    Hey Jhzaeth~

    First off, you don't have to give me anything. It's not like it's a shiny. :3
    Secondly, the Mismagius was actually traded to me so its unnicknaeable. However, I may or may not have a female offspring that you could have. Or you could just borrow my Mismagius if you like too? I have loads of 5IV Ghosts, as you can imagine, if you need a 5IV parent?
    lol, if you were, I have no idea what you're talking about.. ^_ ^

    I don't have any of them in 5IV, no, but I do have a Mismagius with a couple of perfect IVs (4, I think, and in a Moon Ball at that)?
    Found that out yesterday when I thought I was battling a bug leader I brought a few pokes that were weak to bug to make it kinda fair but didn't know i was battling a poison gym so I apparently had 4 counters to their team on accident :/
    what are the requirements to battle the gym leaders in the trinity league? also are the battles usually all pokes are lv100?
    I usually say wait a day for a rematch btw.

    I can't battle now anyway. Watching a programme atm. Tommorow?
    Oh, happy birthday to her! :) I noticed you're helping her move and find a job, so good luck supporting her! :)

    Again, sorry I can't accept your challenge at this point, but when you see me online at night again, just check in with me and I'll be glad to tell you whether I can squeeze in a match or not.
    Unfortunately for today I'm not. :/ I just came home a few minutes ago, which is late for our time, and have a Pokemon to breed for Mr. Y that I promised before going to bed. :/
    If you like I can try and arrange a match with you either tomorrow evening or Friday evening though?
    That was close haha. I wasn't expecting a life orbed talonflame. Good job Cloyster is so bulky.
    I could have swept you if not for the burn :p Yh lovely kiss is very annoying to face. ;)
    Well, I'm pretty sure that my T-tar caught you out guard. you lost two pokés because of him.
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