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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Well i may have tons of time tomorrow, I really don't know.
    I'll message you if I get the chance to trade it (after I get it done ofc ;3 )
    I havn't even done it yet >.<
    and I really don't know. I have company over today, and tomorrow is a memorial for my uncle that passed away.
    I feel like sunday is the only day I'll have time to do anything. :/
    Idk I'll try later tonight to get it done :3
    (on that note, I love your Goodra's nickname. really makes me fuzzy when I see it ^_^)

    Glad to have had a rematch against this time (any outcome aside), thanks. I look forward to having our re-match sometime~ :)
    My cloyster's ability isn't hidden ;P
    shellders HA is overcoat. I can breed you a shellder from my non HA cloyster if you want :3
    Thank you!! :) I look forward to battling with my ice team. And I really hope that you become our ground leader :)
    lol it's not like I'll be challenging it anyway :p
    Oh! that reminds me, I need to send a link to cryuel.
    also this semester is about to end >.<
    though some probably are going to do summer college. I won't be back in college 'till fall once spring ends.
    You have to challenge mine this weekend btw! I'm sure I could stay up late or get up a little early for it :3
    Make sure you use your 2 extra slots carefully I guess. Cover your weaknesses as much as possible. A Pokemon with dry skin, water asorb may be useful to you. Have coverage with your moves, don't just use ground and rock type attacks. Make sure you set up rocks and then have a mixture of sweepers, setters up and walls/ stallers. And prediction is key when you're battling. ;) The basics really. GL.
    As the Ghost Leader, I can only throw in my 2 cents and say Gourgeist is completely underwhelming, but it's worth a try! ;)
    Thanks~ :)
    I'm testing out a couple things here and there, but a WoW user would definitely do you well for things like Azumarril. ;)
    More like I don't know terribly much about Garchomp from experience, let alone Mega Garchomp. If you're running a move to boost a stat and have only 3 slots left, I'd rather go for coverage, but maybe that's just me?
    I mean, Draco Meteor is powerful and you get stab.
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