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Recent content by Jimbobson

  1. J

    What is the noobiest thing someone has done to you in a wifi - battle?

    My friend used Earthquake to my Dragonite, i guess he doesnt know Dragonite doesnt get hit by Ground moves...
  2. J

    ideas for new abilities

    Fast Start (opposite of slow start): Makes the user faster at the begining of the battle. Always effective: Makes all moves super effective (only for normal types.) Shock: Raises thunder type moves in a pinch (for thunder types only)
  3. J

    The Nicknaming Thread

    I just nickname my PKMN names that go well with their type. Blaziken/Infernape: Blaze Charizard: Flame/Burner Empoleon/Poliwrath: Bubbles Torterra: Twiggy Raichu: Shocker I nickname my PKMN names like those, it just suits the PKMN.
  4. J

    Favorite music from a Pokemon game?

    With D/P my faves are mainly every important battle but Dialga and Palkia battle and Rival battle are probably my faves.
  5. J

    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Nobody remembers Quilfish much....not many of the Johto Pokemon are remembered, its all Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh now.
  6. J


    Wrap is terrible and annoying, it may not hurt much, but when it does it 5 times it gets REALLY annoying.
  7. J


    I used to think Dodrio evolved into Farfetch'D (because it was next to it on Poke'Dex)
  8. J

    Man the sprites back in the day were terrible

    Golbat looked crazy! and whats wrong with Sandslash on D/P? Pikachu looks crazy on B/R, looks very fat.
  9. J

    What did you like most about 1st. Gen?

    The glitches and Yellow, having Pikachu as a starter, and it follows you!
  10. J

    best final evolution of starters

    Charizard rocks! his fire moves can burn anything!
  11. J

    Favourite Gym Leader

    Lt. Surge and his Raichu, hes shocking!
  12. J

    What was your first Lv. 100?

    My Poliwrath! then Rayquaza!
  13. J

    Official PMD1 Moveset Discussion Thread.

    Charizard: Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Fly.
  14. J

    Funny Kecleon Shop Storys

    With Monster Houses, try using moves like Heat Wave or Powder Snow, they attack everyone in the room (not yourself or your partner) I use Heat Wave alot and its very useful for MH.
  15. J

    Ranger 1 Help Thread

    I think Flygon is probably the easiest one (out of Charizard, Salamence) Just keep trying to circle it VERY fast when it has just used a move (because it usually takes a while to launch another attack) you need to be quite fast though.