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I love IT, Maths and Physics. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is what I am mostly interested to.I want to be a part of the birth and development of new technologies that can change our lives and make them easier and more creative.

Being a human has many privileges. I can think, create, change and imagine. If we used all these gifts to heal the world it would definitely become a better place.

To me success is thinking out of the box. Dreams are searching the possibilities for tomorrow. Ambition is working hard. Life is claiming your rightful place.

I don't want to think as they thought me to. I don't wish to be trapped by dogma. I want to be free, I need to risk, I have to laugh.

I dream big really big and I will never stop!

Video games, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Out-going, Traveling, Swimming, Polo, Kung-Fu (Shaolins.), Math
Favourite Pokémon
Pokemon Trainer


Username in all of my games is Jimmy

3DS FC 2406 5118 5800