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  • You do have a scanner, don't you?

    I didn't get your second question. If you don't think it has to do with school, well, it hasn't.

    The aforementioned forum was a place for us. I mean, those who were born in 1992. Just in case you were interested XD
    Sounds interesting. Why don't you post it here? XD

    What does it have to do with your school, though? Were you planning on publishing it in your school?

    Oh, btw, have you ever heard of a forum named malakat92?
    Nah, I'm not too. I just asked, well, because if you do you probably won't be here for weeks after school starts. Like we're going to get much time this year to come here, though. =P

    When you said "serializing some sort of comic in your school", did you mean making a comic series about you and your student life with your friends?
    Happy New Year~

    No, wait. Let me rephrase that.

    Happy SPM Year. XD

    How many subjects are you taking?

    I thought it was "Ichi, Nii, San, Shi, Go, Roku, Shichi, Hachi, Kyuu, Juu". And, I also thought that San and Shichi were replaced with yon and nana respectively...

    That site must not have been too reliable...

    Well, that's cool, then, I guess. One less thing to remember.
    Ahh, I C. I was kinda dumfounded by that one. Thanks?

    I'll give it a try.

    Also, here's a question...San and Shichi are Yon and Nana respectively after ten, right? What about when you reach one hundred? Would it be Hyakusan or Hyakuyon? And, what would 200 be? *questions...
    Ok, well, that helps a lot, thanks. What was the meaning behind that "You really know how to post" comment? *confused*

    And thanks a lot for that, it would really help.
    K, that's good...There's Kanji, I know, the one that makes it sound the same as english, and hiragana, a from of Japanese, but is there anything else?

    Also, have you taken a look at the NJstar site? Do you have any idea where you got your free version *whine*
    Also, Mayuri (lol) question...I know words like Mizu and Love and shist have symbols all their owns, but would it still be correct if I used the symbols for Mi and Zu?
    ...You. Are. AWESOME.

    Ok, then...I think I'll stick with Takai.

    So, NJstar is a translator, too?
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