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  • njstar, right?

    I'll look over it again.

    BTW, anything wrong with the name, Jiyuu Omoi?

    Thanks bunches
    Changed your avatar? XD

    So. Urm, where do you live?
    Though by what you said, I can have a pretty good guess =P
    thank you. :x

    yeah and I have the same question for Fornicaras. o_O in spanish it's 'you will fornicate' but in japanese is it lewd concubine or evil promiscuous queen, or another...? because yeah...I've seen both.
    Hey um Jin.
    I need to ask you something.

    When Yumichika says his command for his shikai, does it translate into 'split and deviate' or 'rip with insanity'...or something else? Because I've seen both. o.o
    XD Sure no hard feelings. I've just known alot of people who do things like you've been doing that have the exact opposite character than you(i.e. they're azzholez). Thanks for understanding my crazy mind.
    EDIT: I do know Japanese sentence structure is different because while I didn't learn the whole language I did do a research report on Japan and part of the research was learning about the language. You can make me look like a jackazz but you can't insult me.
    Look alright I'll end this now, Fine you've shared your opinion whether it's right or wrong I cannot say however even if you are right(most likely) I hold the right to remain my flawed self....enjoy your hollow(not the creature) victory and go brag to your friends how you totally Japanese grammar nazi'd this guy on serebii forums until he admitted defeat. This pointless argument is over and now we both look like jackazzes. "I CALL PARLEY!!!"
    I'm sorry I'm adamant on this one....I used English to Kanji translator typing in Heart of Darkness. I then copy pasted the kanji into a Kanji-Romaji converter to get the produced text. Hence I'm 100% sure this time I know what I typed..................................dammit
    Regarding what you said about my original command....I LOOKED IT UP!!! How can something looked up in a Japanese-English Dictionary not mean what said dictionary said it means. Aw well I just had to vent that...I'll follow your advice to be safe XD
    You know better English than I do. *is jealous XD*

    does your family speak English or did you learn by yourself?

    I assume you have Japanese on your computer...did you download that via internet? If so, where and did it cost anything?

    i need a favour. send me a description of you, it doesnt have to be the real you.... i am writing a bleach fanfic coz i am bored.... i'll post it later today :p
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