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  • I don't go around calling people 'ita'. I don't care if they're 'doing it wrong' or anything nor do I think anyone else should.

    What matters is they are nice people.

    I don't have any lolita dresses though. lol All my clothes are really low priced lucky finds i've somehow got from the thrift shop around here. XD; And some older stuff that still fits me (i'm kinda...petit^^ yep^^)

    I'd love to be friends with your lolita pals :3 I bet they are sweet people please don't tell me they aren't either :(.

    Have nice dreams^^
    Well ita lolita is more 'short', really. Ita means bad lolita.....Good lolita is about medium length, I think.

    *nod nod*

    ....I take my lolita fashion pretty seriously^^;; Though no one should be mean over that stuff at all. They have no rights to that...
    A lot of my dresses are probably more short than long though since its like everday wear for me....so I can like wear pants under them and stuff and they're technecly practical. It seems like a nastalgiac attachment more than anything XD;

    As such, the dress i'm wearing right now (with a short skirt under it) is defenetly too short to be worn without anything under it. Though it's defenetly a dress I so wouldn't wanna wear it without shorts or pants. But a lot of my other dresses are longer than this one (but i wouldn't say 'long dresses' much. more like short or medium length. like lolita dresses a bit more or less. A lot of them are really modest though some are too short for wearing without something under though. I love the long disney dresses however they are so cute~<3)

    I love Snow White XD She's adorable~<3
    A Wailmer named Belle!! CUUUTE! x3;...I *THINK* I called a pokemon in my MD game after Ariel XD
    I like Cinderella's castle...its romantic and smezzy XD; But Belle's I love too the little enchanted furnatures were adorable :3 Espesally little Chip lol aww XD

    I wish I could do a disney marathon. Sadly I have adhd a bit (though its getting better) so sitting down to 'watch' stuff can be hard. I guess I am not always in the mood, anyways, though~But Disney films are really cool :) *nod nod*

    As such, I seem to, myself, have a bit of a 'disney princess complex'. Well I call it that. I seem to have an 'erge' to wear dresses and skirts ALL THE FREAKIN TIME irl....and do act on it *nod nod* A DAY without a dress/skirt just feels too.....odd for me now @_@; I feel its like a princess complex or something lol. Its kind of a cute quirk in my opinion really. I have SOOO many dresses and skirts now lol. Really like a collection. XD
    DISNEY FOREVER!!! :D I just saw Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella again just last night, by the way ^_^ They were beautiful ^_^ I loved the castle in Cinderella.....OMG it was incredably cool looking XD

    I liked Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts 1 and Olimpious Collosium (also in Kingdom Hearts 1). They were epic XD

    Also my dog's name is Simba I figured you'd like hearing that ^_^
    Ehh, I prefer....spicier flavors really xD;

    I played the first KH when we had the playstation 2 :) It was really fun ^_^ *nod nod*

    What were some of your favorite worlds? :3
    Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Kirby.....random other games too usually cute ones.

    Getting KH 365/2 days for Xmas and trying to hush more about my crazy obsession over Riku. Which I have been too loud about before....but am trying a lot harder to hold in better now. Alas, I have suffered of adhd......but I avoid sugar and stuff which is helpful to me.

    Mario is awesome :) I wish I could own Super Mario Sunshine ^_^; I bet that game is super fuuun x3; IRL I own a few mario parties and they are pretty cool yep x3; *nod nod*
    Don't feel bad. I'm used to seeing silliness online and it doesn't bother me. :) I doubt it bothers other people much either~

    What video games are you into? *curious*
    Hey, just wondering if you got my message. I was logged out as I sent it, but serebii still says I replied.
    No problem, it was fine, I was eating dinner so I had the chat turned off though. Now just to get my favorite of the three. :D
    I'll just get on now and wait. Oh crap. I just forgot, my pal pad FC got deleted and I had to get a new one. The new one is 5157 7385 0759
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