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  • Haha and this is like 2 days short of a month late. Well hello. I'm fine as well. I guess. Anything interesting in your life?
    Zomg! Im not dead! XD. My computer hasn,t had had internet for a long time and my Wii Browser LAGS!!! But, im back! Also, Pokemon Team upgraded and I now use Platinum for Wi-Fi. Want to add my Platinum FC?
    You're not bothering me at all, I like having more people to talk to. Just added the new screen name, maybe I'll see you on later.
    I'm doing rather good. I'm buried in boy scout activities these two months however. So I will be AFK for quite a duration. Oh and happy early birthday since I won't get a chance to get back on until probably august.

    On an side note: Lolololol. Did you really think that platinum was going to be a whole new game? Consider Platinum another Emerald, Crystal, or Yellow version. All there is really to look forward to is only the Distortion World(Spent 3 days catching a shiny giratina. Sucess!), new battle screen, a much more user friendly poketch, a whole new battle frontier, revamped gyms, revamped elite four rooms, new wifi minigames, a tool to record your battles(and then post them on wifi)
    The question is how can you not be delicious? Salt your skin before you taste it... then add black pepper. And when you're done pouring gravy all over yourself, you can taste the rainbow. (Don't ask why I bolded rainbow).

    In short, delicious is one of my favorite words. It's just one of my expressions, and I'm sure you'll get to memorize all of my expressions sooner or later haha. =D (<-- favorite smiley)

    And you're getting a tablet?! That's really cool! =DDDD
    Hey. Yeah, I'm going to see the movie, and I'm reading the book now actually. I started re-reading the series a while ago. HBP is probably my least favorite of them all, but it still has its good parts.

    BTW I practically never go here anymore, too many bad memories and people who I like but don't like me back. Feel free to leave me messages if you want though, I'll be sure to stop in to check for any. I wish I had more to say but I don't really know anything about you. I did add you to my AIM buddy list a hella long time ago, but I guess you don't go on there anymore.
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