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  • This is how I know I have a stalker....when they look at my posts from last week.

    Eh...forgive and forget?

    Oh and asking an Ohioan if they"got any snow lately" is like asking a Californian if they "got any earthquakes lately". It's terrible up here. I'm homeschooled so I can't really say if any of the other high schoolers still have school. I'm betting not though.
    The puberty thread says 'hi.'
    Haiii thar, Stalker-chan! Apparently you haven't read any of L0L's ridiculous threads yet haven't you?
    I'm going to be inactive for a little bit, as I've been totally swamped with school work and activities.
    I have an upcoming forensics competition, basketball, literally thousands of questions to study for the Science Bowl competition, a Youth & Government trip, an Algebra unit exam, and I'm getting in some jogging as track & field is starting soon.
    I now leave you with a drunken Ibuki Suika.
    *wipes sweat off of face*
    Sorry for the delay. I could hardly get onto the computer all week!
    I'm sure that we'll be great friends! ^_^
    Okay. Sorry for replying late.
    Eh, that clown couldn't come up with a good insult if the guy gave him one.

    Brando was one of the first people that I sent a friend request to. Back when he had a Gengar avatar...
    I know this will sound very odd.

    I have this Sppf family thing going on as you can see in my sig. Your husband Brando95 is my son in it; it doesn’t really mean anything he’s just a friend of mine. But since you’re his wife I thought I offer you a spot as a daughter-in-law on it. I know we don’t know each other so this is odd to you, but I’d feel bad if I didn’t at least ask you.

    So just let me know if you’d like me to add you on or not.

    This post just pours salt over gaping wounds for me. I had 429 songs before my memory got deleted for no reason, now it's 123. ;_;

    I lost my Aqua CD five years ago, but I know it's out there, somewhere.
    Are you stalking me Jink?*smirk-grin* You compliment me multiple times. and You post in every thread that I posted in without quoting me.
    You should wait longer for the English version of Touhoumon, because there's only two people working on it, and it's going quite slow, so I'm going to help them but I haven't talked to them properly yet. You should ask around Touhou imageboards and forums if you really want the patch.

    If you right-click the Konata dancer you can make it transparent and add a shadow :).
    Well let's see, Ah my race just made history today, My whole family came over and we toasted and had imitation wine to celebrate, and I get to argue my heart out on a thread defending Obama in the process? I wonder why I'm happy?
    Really now, who is this? I'd like to meet him/her on here.

    Wow, that's pretty nice. I went there also, yeah we get a lot of sun down here that's for sure.

    He is. He's one of my oldest friends on here.
    Well, to me, the northern half is anything north of Charleston. and the opposite is true for the southern half. It's nice to see another West Virginian here. There's two others that I know of, and I met them both face-to-face.

    Idk how many inches we have.

    I hear that you've gotten Sppf married with one of my friends. He's pretty cool.
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