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  • oh my that sucks that you realize that -.- I like to thing that I have some purpose to life otherwise I wouldn't be trying to succeed in life.

    Yea I join Survival island you should come check it out
    Still sticking to the xbox lol and I have been doing more things instead of worrying about what pokes go good with each other
    oh cool I need to download more music to lol. I am trying to find a job and working on getting into another college. When do you start back up school?
    Damn straight it would. Well, right up until everyone got their hands on one, and then ran the bookies out of bussiness, but eh.
    Well that seems like an excellent plan for you life.

    As for me, not a whole lot has happened. I only recently got back on Serebii, and I think I am failing two of my classes in school, not that I care all that much at this point. Right now, I am trying to keep my sanity intact, and maybe find myself a girlfriend for once.
    Hey, I heard that your clan is closing. When you do, would you like to join my guild? I'm making my rounds and seeing to it that everyone who doesn't have a place yet does, when it closes.
    Lol, I had loads of conversations with girl of my age and around my age.
    Never had a girlfriend though... XD
    And I don't think she plays Pokemon, but she's very cute and beautiful.
    My dad's Marrocan, my mom's Dutch, lol.
    I wasn't your tutor though, haha. XD
    And it's going pretty well to me, terrorised a few people at TEG.
    Nick was a lot funnier, but that Saph, from TEG was still a option. XD
    And I met the most awesome girl of the world! :)
    That's a awesome decision man.
    And the reason sounds cool.
    Yeah, just go for it man, learn Dutch, and make us all (me, yourself, smogon mentor, other people, etc) proud! :)
    Dutch is a cool language.
    I know for sure that you can do it.
    One hint, find someone that speaks Dutch and English very well, so he/she can help you, it's a lot more effective then.
    Also, never get lessons from someone you don't like.
    If you find a teacher that's not a mean dickhead, and speaks Dutch and English very very well, and fits to you, then it would be all fine and easier for you.
    Good luck!
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