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  • Well my dream is to land a race engineer job for an F1 team, if that fails I wouldn't mind working for a big automotive company working on transmission set-ups, design and testing. Aerodynamics also fascinate me so that could be an alternative route I could pursue.

    What career would you like to see yourself in after uni?
    oh nice, I'm going to be studying Motorsport Engineering at Oxford Brookes, then the plan is to do my Masters at Cranfield University. Which luckily enough is right next door to the Red Bull F1 team.
    I'm good thanks! and yeah I think we have all grown up alot over the past 3-4 years, i'm off to Uni this September which is cool. I'm guessing you had A-Level exams?
    Oh what's your Xat name? But yeah I used to watch your YouTube vids when I was getting into 4th gen pokes lol. How have you been?
    Ah cool, might make a sig out of them, thanks n_n. Not many people seem to like Digimon here (Well, it is a pokemon forum XD)
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