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  • hmmm im interested in these:

    Gible Lv20 Jolly

    Are these all male?
    Bulbasaur Lv1 Sassy: GrassWhistle, Leaf Storm, Ingrain, Petal Dance
    Chikorita Lv1 Gentle: Aromatherapy, AncientPower, Leaf Storm, Wring Out
    Cyndaquil Lv1 Naughty: Flare Blitz, Double-Edge, Reversal, Crush Claw
    Mudkip Lv1 Jolly: Mud Bomb, Ancient Power, Ice Ball, Curse
    Treecko Lv1 Timid: Endeavor, Synthesis, Crunch, DragonBreath
    Torchic Lv1 Bashful: Night Slash, Baton Pass, Rock Slide, Counter
    Piplup Lv1 Relaxed: Agility, Supersonic, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam
    Chimchar Lv1 Lonely: Heat Wave, Fake Out, ThunderPunch, Double Kick
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