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Last Activity:
Sep 10, 2018
May 7, 2006
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#1 Munchlax Fan

Jirachibow was last seen:
Sep 10, 2018
    1. Jirachibow
      XD BEAM!

      I Jirachibow have turned a new leaf...for being more optimistic!
    2. Jirachibow
      Because Manaphy pwns all! XD
    3. poke_tamer
      Okay, and i always wondered, why is your avvie a manpahy, when your name is jirachi? XD
    4. Jirachibow
      Ya,your right,I'll take trade today for it,sinceI'm off to Myrtle beach tomorow. so I'll PM you when.
    5. poke_tamer
      Jirachi i only had picsof you. i didnt have any of cleo doing anything. the only thing worthy of taking a pic of her doing was that she wanted to kill you. thats it. thats the only bad thing she really said while i was online. when do you want eevee? im onn no-ones side, but still, both of you were being pretty harsh
    6. Jirachibow
      For those of you who witch hunted me on the chat,what was the point,was it because I quit the league? Because of the argument(Cleo said some mean things too,so Tamer don't always think all the evidence and pictures you have are truly true <_<). And you guys make it seem I was so immature meanwhile others have been 10x more immature in the past, so think about you have done, I was thinking about saying sorry, but after all that witch hunting me and junk I don't think I will,plus,you probably don't want me to,lol. XD
    7. Jirachibow
      Sorry,I'm not interested,but thanks.

      Note to anyone who views my profile,I might not be online for a while so if you need anything please email me,or post a message here,so when i come to check my emails or whenever I come back on I'll read them.
    8. Sadarac
      would you like to join the mystery league?
    9. Seagaru
      Do you still need help with the rescue? (sorry for my spanish lol)
    10. weebl33
      I wish to feed kirby a banana
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    For now just watch Bubbles dance. XD