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  • Heeeeey guys sorry it was school & crap soo i'm sorry if you were all like [in a deep voice] 'oh, he's not on ever so i'll just delete him & never talk to him again hahahahaha, hahahahaha.' Because i was never on but i'm going on everyday now cause i haven't played pkm since last time i was on & i made new teams & strategys so i would appreciate Any 1 who wants to battle so byyyyyyeeeeeeeee :)
    Hey! So sorry! I had to give off Honchkrow and Tyranitar off :(
    I had to give my game away to sell to Gamestop, so I had to trade off as fast as I could! Urgh. If you maybe still want the Tyranitar, then I traded it off to a guy named Cyrius. Maybe you can show him this message and trade something to get it.
    Hey man. How would you like the Honchkrow and Tyranitar? Can you contact me soon? They are reserved off for you, but I need to give them off quickly. If you don't come soon, I might give them off to someone else! :/
    How about we battle again? Hahaha nice battling with you yesterday tho.

    I had to leave after the double battle. Sorry I didn't tell you. I got rushed by my parents lol.
    Hi you have a nice name and profile pic would you liek to be friends and if you want to talk to me just visitor message me on my profile not your own just so you know
    Sup home slice :D
    Lol first of the only shiny celebi's on the market are hacked.
    But, i do have a lvl 2 shiny milotic ?
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