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  • I was like OMG wtf it outspeed me. THen i noticed...damn that's why I misclicked. For one I rushed to hit the button when I found myself unparalyzed from the switch and two.....extreme speed and SDs are both normal type moves and right above each other....And I shook my head. (regardless I'd have switched out anyway once I saw jirachi to come in at a better time XD)
    I switched it out on purpose remember. I used sleep talk twice. I knew I had and I knew I'd wake up for a rest and sleep talk but it d/cd. The spread is 252 Hp/ 40 Def/ 216 SpD. Also I misclicked on lucario, I meant to kill latias not sd twice (hence you switching it in vs me)....just a disappointment this battle
    Yes I have platinum. Also a side note. Blissey nor jirachi had a chance vs that pert. blissey gets raped by waterfall and jirachi doesnt do enough damage. (if it had trick then yea you'd have me). Im just ****** right now....
    If it wasnt something that could stop a curse pert then it wasn't nesserary lol. none the less good game. I was gonna run earlier but I thought of that plan and I see where that got me...
    Im looking at the battle just hoping it doesn't d/c and right when I explode the damn wifi goes out now im just mad...I think I hate wifi now...
    Yesh that'd be me. That JB person is pretty clueless lol (that or reads slow). The game d/cd towards the end and they said I didn't but I was coming to give them a win? Yea ok lol. My fc: 1634 3735 3527 gl
    Jiraiya you have to make a userbar that matches your league banner you made. the only details are just your name and what spot you have like this
    Check it out from there ^^^^^^^^^.

    FenixFox said:"oh wassay i have someone else working on the main banner"

    Wassay said:
    "*Kaput* Sorry~~ If you still want me to give it to you tomorrow just tell me what pokemons you want on it I'll finish it up~~ Also just the main banner or all the banners? o_o? xD"

    FenixFox said:
    "hmm just do all the other banners and if i need you too do the main banner i'll tell you ^^"

    I thought he meant you where making the main banner xD. Lemme ask him when he comes online 8D.

    Edit: (Story starts from top to bottom xD)
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