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  • Eh, To each his own...I won't be trading pokes with any of them though.

    And I will give it a look...The only four people who seem active in all of Pojo I know of from other forums are you, Frazzle, wilechase, and Fang Overlord. I'll go post up a battle challenge in the Desu~ team thread...I'll see how it goes...I want to battle one of the higher ups in Desu that isn't you (no offence), and see how a battle goes.
    Yeah, people in 7DS can still battle for PE2K. There is a sign up thread on PE2K for people wanting a chance to be in the war...It's stickied in the PE2K battle forums.

    And about joining Desu...It's possible...I know I won't join Team Storm. They are pretty weak in my opinion. I battled some of their higher ups already, and beat them every time. The one battle I honestly should have lost, the guy showed pitty on me...(I was up, 4-2...Then I got flinchhaxed twice in a row by a Waterfall...Should have been hi win, 2-0...but he pretty much let me win, 1-0). That's kinda weak too, really. I wouldn't have showed mercy like that.

    Team Dark looked good, at first, but it seems mostly inactive there. My options are narrowing...ALOT!
    I check them here...Also, You must be hitting the slightly inactive side elsewhere, as well...I posted a few days ago in Desu~. Trying to broden my horizons a bit.
    Hey, I saw you online and realised I am up against you in the war, wanna have the battle now?
    a baby man eh? you had better justify that statement. you have no idea whats going on, you have no right to insult me. i will not be led by someone who doesnt know how to lead.
    if you continue to about me like that you will be reported. jeyre wants to play games with me im done. one and only warning.
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