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  • kababayan! !!!

    so,ugh ..I just looked in to your post about Duterte, that's really an interest topic .. hinihintay ko din na pagusapan ang ganun dito sa forums. I know this is kinda random, I believe we haven't start a convo here before, and I hope you don't mind speaking in tagalog.XDXD sorry for being random.

    hi~ XD
    Hey! Sorry, I did get your message and saw the post, I just replied in that thread. I'm afriad the RP has been going on for a whlie now and don't think a new character would be a good idea. Besides, no one has posted for a while and I think it's starting to die off. Thanks for you interest though!
    just started to read your story red the prologue I don't know what to think of it yet its sorta confusing.
    I'm okay with the Flygon as his foster mother. His goals are perfectly fine too. As for switching factions, it's possible, but don't make it a constant thing. Any faction you leave (besides Scavengers) probably wouldn't take him back. If he becomes a member of the Sinnoh military but leave them, they would see him as a defector and wouldn't let him go back.
    I actually haven't played Metal Gear Solid 3. I heard it was brutally hard and implemented some kind of crazy first aid system or something like that. Played the first one and loved it, then the second, but I didn't like Raiden at all to keep going with the series and I eventually dropped out of it.

    Anyway, the Derelict RP is nothing to be scared about. It's all fun really. As for the Specializations, they do apply to Scavengers as well. There's no limit on how many Scavengers join, but the military sides, since they're locked in competition against each other, need to be balanced.
    I am not sure if it was you or someone else that liked the idea that I put on my entry.
    You ... do know that Dragonfree attached the names of each reviewer to their respective reviews in her post, right? You could probably look at the post again and figure out who wrote that. Just so you know.

    In any case, I'm not a mod, but as far as I know, rewriting contest entries and posting the revised version onto forums is typically completely kosher so long as the contest's already over. Neither the contest rules themselves nor the fanfic forums' general rules have anything that say you can't, so you should be good.

    The sex thing is something you'll need to talk to a mod about, sorry to say. I know that explicit scenes (as in, scenes where you describe sexual acts in great detail) are completely off-limits on the forum, but allusions to sex could potentially merit only a PG-13 or R rating. The reason why you'd have to talk to a mod is because they'll need to check out the sexual scene and tell you whether or not it merits a rating or a banning.

    In any case:

    I'll give it a bit of thought to swallow before making a decision.
    Sure. Take your time. It's a tough call to make. You'll have to do a bit of soul searching to figure out what you have to do.
    Thank you. :)
    That sucks, though. I didn't realize that schools made you retake PE. Then again, I was lucky and always took pretty easy PE classes, haha.
    Hey, it's cool that you're also joining the RP. And I appreciate the offer for assistance on the RP, but since you're new to RP'ing as well (your sign up states that you are), how would that work?
    Anyways, your character seems pretty interesting. Most people choose to RP as a Gijinka, but yours is a human that researches them, so that has potential to work out pretty well in this RP.
    I'm really looking forward to the RP. Though also nervous since it's my 1st time doing one, and English isn't my main language, so I don't know how well I'll do, lol. I've already thought of some scenarios I could possibly write about in the RP, but I'll have to see with what I'm going. I like how a part of the story is already planned out, but it's still very open to go any way, depending on what we're doing.
    So, what do you think?
    Ahh, I get it. Personal issues. No worries, happens to us all. I hope you get over your stressful times and may any person who enters your house unlawfully bear a three-eyed mongoose for a child. :p

    Well, what furretwaters did isn't an advertisement. It's along the same lines as the fic idea adoption thread that we used to have. There's even a sticky for this kind of thing in the Non-Pokémon Stories forum, as well as one in the Shipping Fics forum. The reason why you got in trouble is because of exactly what I said: you had a link. Therefore, you were advertising another site, not offering up a service.

    Also, keep in mind that furretwaters wasn't asking for ideas. They were asking for requests, meaning they aren't so much saying "give me things to write" as they were saying "if you want to see a story written by someone else, you can come to me." The latter is perfectly kosher in a writing forum; the former is generally seen as lazy. The difference is that with the former, you're asking people to come up with ideas for you, while the latter says you're actually willing to work but are offering your skills to other people.

    So ... yes. There's nothing wrong with offering to write stories for people because it's not actually an advertisement. It's offering to write stories for people who might not be writers or who would like to see their ideas written but would not like to tackle it themselves. Advertising, again, is redirecting people off the site to someplace else.
    Hey, I noticed your VM to furretwaters, and I can't help but say that's not what the advertising rule means. No advertising means you can't link to a different site in order to get people to go there (to read a story, see a webpage, whatever). It doesn't mean you can't post a thread offering to create things right on Serebii for people. Going by that logic, the fan art shops wouldn't be kosher.

    In fact, if you looked at the rules for the fanfiction forum recently, you'll notice that there's no mention of advertising at all. It does, however, explain explicitly that you can't link to other websites. Mods simply say "no advertising" because it's a shorthand for that.
    Inorite? It's a pretty interesting story and all (because it's like the Bible story, only bloodier, creepier, and ends with the game's version of Abraham not actually being stopped by God), but it's pretty much totally not for kids.
    Well, the Torterra write-up was pretty good as far as detail and quality goes, but you worded it with a greater focus on how to use it rather than how it is used against you. The example with it 2HKOing Alomomola would be a great little detail. Just remember to always focus on what makes the Pokemon a threat rather than how to use it.
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