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  • Uh... no... I think the only time I mentioned age was that of the BW protagonists. If I came off as patronizing, well, sometimes it's better to err on the side of caution on these boards.
    Pretty sure I didn't mention your age in my post... Are you sure you aren't confusing me with someone else?
    People disagreeing with you or the way you present your case in an argument are not using you as their "personal laughing stock", nor is anyone laboring to make you delete your thread or wanting to brag if you do. We just disagreed with some assertions you were making in this one particular thread and voiced that. It doesn't mean we have anything against you as a person or are laughing at you.
    I just saw it a few minutes ago, and it's way better.

    The game looks pretty good, in general, but I always feel apprehensive about putting down $60 on a game, since I'm an unemployed college student.
    Your banner is ready ^_^ Thank you for choosing Daedric Design :3 If you need anything changed don't hesitate to PM moi. <.>
    Really? Thanks! That really made my day! My story has a large range of things that inspired it, video games, books, and stuff of that sort.

    Oh, and the ð is a form of d. The story is pronounced (eye-ethn), and it's Icelandic for wasteland.

    I've seen it, but I don't read much. In all honesty i don't find reading all that fun! Writing is a whole different ball game!
    Hi, I just thought I would send you a reminder that the nominations period for the Fanfiction Awards is going to expire on Wednesday, so if you'd like to add any further nominations, you should do it soon.
    So then keep it in your post while you're writing, and then delete it before you actually post the review. Very simple. It's really irritating for other readers to have to scroll down a big amount of text twice, so please don't do it.
    Please be a bit more careful when you try to review other peoples' fics. Your review here wasn't that helpful in that you told the writer to change the font size even though they're not supposed to, and telling them to work on spelling/grammar without actually saying what the errors are isn't helpful. Please try to be more aware of these things in the future.
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