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  • Most people here keep the use of their Action Replay for the following (or at least they should):

    1. Cloning (they produce 100% identical copies, so it is widely still considered legit if the original Pokemon is 100% legit)

    2. Unlimited Wings & Vitamins (and other medicines & items. Helps with EV-training. The items are hacked to be there, but their use is not, nor are the Pokemon they are typically used on.)

    3. Unlimited Poke Balls (although the use of illegal ones on any Pokemon is very much frowned upon).

    Any further use of AR, including hacking a Pokemon to be shiny and/or flawless is straight-up hacking. Pretty much, if the Pokemon was either altered in ways it cannot be in-game if the AR were not to exist, or created outside of any authorized Nintendo Pokemon game cart, it's hacked. Illegal IV's, EV's, and such are signs of that stuff.

    Most ethical traders only use their AR to get the items and to make perfect copies of the Pokemon, and most of the time are glad to render this service to others willing to ask for it during a trade.
    can I have the axew (still)and the offensive/defensive zapdos with hp ice(instead of larvesta)?
    jolly gyrados sf level 100 dw
    adamant beldum sf level 1
    I need these to be cloned before I trade them.
    I have a shiny flawless( says the subway man) brelloom with jolly nature. If I let you have a clone of this can I have a shiny ut axew jolly moldbreaker?
    I can't find the pokecheck of them, but they both had speed and special attack iv's of 20 or higher if I remember right
    yeeeees! thank you. i'll give you that mewtwo. in fact,i'll give you both. my fc is 4470-5818-6215. whats yours?
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